lexmark e230 error lights

Lexmark E230 Error Lights

Lexmark e230 error lights blinks if a paper jam or unexpected error occurs on the printer. When all the indicator lights on the printer’s display panel blink at the same time, then the peripheral displays a primary service error. This indicates that there is an error in the printer. If a paper jam issue occurs in your peripheral, it will stop printing, and the Continue and Paper Jam lights on the operator panel will appear. To determine what has failed in your Lexmark printer, you will need to obtain the secondary error code.

Quick Steps To Resolve Lexmark E230 Error Lights

  1. Check whether the Continue and Error lights are blinking on the printer’s control panel.
  2. Ensure that there is sufficient space is available on the printer for loading paper.
  3. Clear the entire paper path when you experience a paper jam.
  4. Remove any jammed paper if found.
  5. Open the front cover and take the printer cartridge out.
  6. Remove any jammed paper behind the cartridge assembly.
  7. Open the rear opening or cover of the peripheral and take out the jammed paper.
  8. Go with the instructions on-screen to resolve the paper jam issues.
lexmark e230 error lights

Learn More About How To Resolve The Lexmark E230 Printer Error Lights Issues

Step 1: If all the lights on the printer’s operator panel blink at the same time, it indicates a Service Error on your printer. This stops the printing process. The light sequences Continue, Ready, Toner Low/Replace PC Kit, Load Paper, Paper Jam, and a blinking Error light indicates that the service error code has occurred on your printer.

Step 2: To resolve the Lexmark e230 error lights, power cycle the Lexmark printer. If the lights are still blinking, get the expert advice to resolve.

Step 3: If the memory is full, then the page is too complicated to print or is shorter than the page margins that are set. If a front error occurs, then gently press the Continue button twice quickly to view the secondary error code. Now press the Continue button to clear the secondary message.

Step 4: The Continue and Paper Jam light sequence indicate a Paper jam error. Press the Continue button twice quickly to see the secondary error code. If you experience a paper jam, it is better to check the entire paper path and clear it.

Step 5: If your printer comes with a Feeding paper tray, then remove the tray. Search for and remove any jammed or damaged paper from the tray you find. Now open the front cover, and remove the printer cartridge assembly. Take out any jammed paper in the printer cartridge.

Step 6: Gently raise the flap on front of the printer and take the paper you find jammed on the flap. Unlock the rear exit opening or the cover of the printer and remove any jammed paper you find. Once you have confirmed that the entire path is clear, reinstall the print cartridge assembly.

Step 7: Close all the openings, and replace the paper tray you removed. Press the Continue button to resume printing. Do so after all the jammed pages are cleared from the paper path. To determine what error has occurred on your printer, you need to obtain the secondary Lexmark e230 error lights code.

Step 8: Press the Reset button once quickly, and free it. Ready light blinks indicating that the printer has a Software Service Error Code. To resolve this, switch the printer off, and restart the computer. Switch the printer back on, use a different parallel cable, and reinstall the printer driver.

Step 9: If the Data light blinks, then the printer is facing a Fuser Failure Error, A blinking Load paper light indicates that the printer encounters a Laser Diode Failure. The Data and Load Paper light indicates that the printer has an Optional Memory Error.

Step 10: For most services errors, the suggested solution is to switch off the printer. Power on the printer and try printing. If the Lexmark e230 error lights problems resumes, then the printer will probably ask you to correct the issues.

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