Lexmark CX510DE 34.04 Error

Solved: Lexmark CX510DE 34.04 Error

What does Lexmark CX510DE 34.04 error represent? If you see the 34.04a error message on your Lexmark CX510DE’s control panel, it indicates that there is a paper jam inside your printer. So, when you face this type of error, check and remove the paper jammed inside your printer.

Lexmark CX510DE 34.04 Error

The paper jam occurs at a different location in the Lexmark CX510DE printer. We here list locations where you need to check for paper jams and remove them.

  • Automatic document feeder
  • Standard bin
  • Fuser
  • Front door
  • Duplex area
  • Trays
  • Multipurpose feeder
  • Manual feeder

Let’s see how to clear paper jams from the above locations.

Lexmark CX510DE – Clear Paper Jam In the Standard Bin

Lexmark CX510DE Error Code 34.04
  • Carefully lift the top door.
  • Check if there is paper jammed inside the printer, and remove them gently.
  • Before closing the top door, make sure you have removed all paper fragments.
  • Close the top door gently.

Clear Paper Jam in the Front Door

In the Fuser:

Note: The components inside the printer might be hot, so please be careful while checking for a paper jam. It’s better to let the surface cool before touching it.

  • Flip down the front door to access the inside.
  • Remove any jammed paper, even all the paper fragments.
  • Check below the fuser and in the fuse access door for paper fragments.
  • Close the top and front access doors.

In the Duplex unit:

  • After opening the front door, check for paper jammed in the duplex unit.
  • Clear any paper jammed, even the paper fragments.
  • Lock the front door.

Clear Paper Jams in Trays

  • Gently pull out the tray completely from the machine.
  • Take out the jammed paper inside the tray area. Make sure you don’t tear the paper while pulling it out.
  • Remove the paper fragments, if any.
  • Put the tray back into the machine.

Lexmark CX510DE Paper Jam in the Manual Feeder

  • If the paper is jammed inside the manual feeder, then you must take out the paper tray first.
  • Once you remove the tray, remove the paper jammed inside the tray area.
  • Insert the paper tray back again.

Clear Paper Jams in the Multipurpose Feeder

  • Take out the paper stack from the multipurpose feeder.
  • Gently pull out the jammed paper.
  • Once you remove all paper and paper pieces, be ready to reload the paper again.
  • Flex and fan the paper and make sure the paper isn’t wrinkled or folded.
  • Adjust the paper edges before loading.
  • Load the paper again.


  • Take out the original documents from the ADF tray if any.
  • Gently open the ADF cover.
  • Clear the jammed paper and paper fragments.
  • Now, close the ADF cover.
  • Adjust the paper edges in the tray.
  • Fan the paper stack and load them into the tray.
  • Place the documents into the ADF.

That’s how you need to clear a paper jam when the Lexmark CX510DE machine displays a 34.04 error.

We hope your query “Lexmark CX510DE 34.04 error” has been resolved by us. If the machine still displays the error code, call us so we can take this further.

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