lexmark 900 firmware error

Lexmark 900 Firmware Error

Lexmark 900 firmware error occurs due to a bad connection with an Internal Network Adapter or Network card. If the device displays this error, the first thing to check is the base printer, contact your local helpdesk, or your software and network support center. The Lexmark firmware error 900 also occurs if the printer is idle or not connected to the network or personal computer (PC). The troubleshooting method used to resolve this problem is by Testing the Printer Hardware and Software.


Quick Steps To Resolve The Lexmark Firmware Error 900 Issue

  1. Unlink the printer from the network adapter or network card.
  2. Perform a Power – On Reset (POR) on your Lexmark printer.
  3. Execute a copy or print operation on the test page of your Lexmark printer.
  4. Clear the jobs from all the print queues before you reconnect the printer to the internal network adapter or network card.
  5. Reconnect the printer to the network after clearing the print queue.
  6. Contact manufacture’s technical support team, if the Lexmark 900 firmware error returns.
  7. Perform additional testing operation, if the error does not occur.
  8. Create a Test page from the Test menu, and check the quality of the printer output.
lexmark 900 firmware error

Learn More About How To Troubleshoot The Lexmark 900 Firmware Error Issue

Step 1: If the 900 firmware error occurs when the printer is receiving information from a network or computer, contact your local helpdesk or network support; this occurs due to a communication problem with your network or software.

Step 2: The first thing is to check is the base printer. First, let’s see how to resolve these issues using the Printer Hardware. Switch off your printer. Wait for 30 seconds or more to clear its memory.

Step 3: Do not turn the printer off and on too quickly; doing this may cause power issues, and create other connection problems. With the printer turned off, clear all the pending print jobs from the computer or the network queue.

Step 4: This technique will prevent any corrupted print jobs from being resent to the printer when the printer powered back on. Now, switch on your printer and look for the Lexmark 900 firmware error message. If the 900 error message does not appear on the printer screen, then use the display panel to print menu settings.

Step 5: If the error message appears on the screen again, then switch off the printer and dislink all the communication cables from the peripheral. Do not remove the power cord from the printer. Repetition of the error may occur due to the problem either with the printer, a communication cable, or the print job.

Step 6: Go with the instructions below to check each of these possible causes. Connect your printer directly to the grounded wall outlet. If the error message occurs, power off the printer, and uninstall any installed options from the printer. This includes an optional paper tray, any extra memory, and network card.

Step 7: If the 900 error message does not appear on the screen, then use the printer’s display panel to print a menu setting page. Power on the Lexmark printer and check if the issue resolved. Another troubleshooting method is Testing Software.

Step 8: Try sending a different print job to the printer. If the Lexmark firmware error 900 raises when you send a particular print job or print using a specific program, then there may be a settings conflict in the printer software.

Step 9: It occurs due to the usage of multiple computers on a network. Check if the error arises from only one certain computer or station. If not, then check the driver setting on that specific computer. If the error is not dependent on a particular print job, program, computer or station, then the connection made to the network may be poor.

Step 10: Try connecting another cable if you have an extra one. If the printer is linked to a network, then try connecting the printer into another network port. Send a print job, and check the Lexmark 900 firmware error has been resolved.

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