Hp Smart Tank 515 Scanner Not Working

Hp Smart Tank 515 Scanner Not Working

Does your HP Smart Tank 515 Scanner Not Working? If you are not sure how to fix it, we can help you right away. Read this article completely to fix the scanner issues.Before we move to the fixes, let’s talk about some features of the HP Smart Tank 515 printer. As you know, this printer supports the scanning and copying functions besides printing. The scanning speed of this printer reaches up to 3 ppm (color) and 5ppm (mono). It supports USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth LE for versatile connectivity options. 

Fix Hp Scanner Not Working Issue

  • Check if the printer and the computer are turned on and connected to the same wireless network (if you’re using the wireless connectivity option).
  • Ensure that you have loaded the document to scan.
  • Place the document in the correct position on the scanner glass.
  • If everything is set perfectly, then download the HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  • After downloading, run the setup file on your computer.
  • When the installation is done, open the application.
  • Click Start and choose your printer model.
  • Select the Fix Scanning option.
  • Now, the app will run the test and display the results.
  • If it shows you a checkmark, it means your printer is passed.
  • If it shows you the wrench sign, it means that the problem was found and fixed.
  • If it shows you the exclamation sign, it means that the test is failed and skipped.
  • And, an X sign means that your printer has a problem. Follow the instructions on the app to fix the scanning issues.
Hp Smart Tank 515 Scanner Not Working

Easy Scanning Method

  • Make sure to keep the scanner glass and the back of the lid clean.
  • If the scanner detects anything on the glass, it reads as a part of the image.
  • Place the originals with the print side facing down.
  • Set appropriate brightness in the software to avoid incorrect or missed scanned text.

We hope this article helps you to get fixed with the scanner issues. Once you execute the above steps in the correct order, the HP Smart Tank 515 scanner not working problem will be fixed.

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