Hp Smart Tank 515 Printing

Fixed: HP Smart Tank 515 Printing Problem

Encountering a problem while using a printer is a very common thing. However, almost all printer problems are easy to resolve. Whenever you experience an issue with your printer, first, try to fix it using some simple troubleshooting instructions. In case they fail to fix the issue, try the advanced methods to resolve it.This page will guide you in resolving some common HP Smart Tank 515 printing problem.

Basic Solutions To Fix HP Smart Tank 515 Printing Error

  • Restart the printer and your computer.
  • Reconnect your HP printer to the computer.
  • Check to ensure that the necessary printer drivers are installed on your computer.
  • Reload the paper tray if it is empty.
  • Similarly, check and refill the ink tanks if they are empty.
  • Remove and then re-add the printer to your computer.
  • Update your computer OS, if one is available.
  • If you are facing the HP Smart Tank 515 printing problem while using the Windows computer, then run the HP Print & Scan Doctor tool on your computer to know the exact cause of the problem and fix it.
HP Smart Tank 515 Printing Problem

Advanced Solutions To Fix HP Printing Problem

For Windows

  • Check your printer status. If it is displayed as offline or paused, deselect the Pause Printing or Use Printer Offline option from the Printer menu.
  • Check and set your printer as the default machine on the Windows computer.
  • Restart the print spooler. To do so, open the Control Panel screen. Select System and Security > Administrative Tools > Services. Right-click on the Print Spooler option. Click Properties > General. From the Startup type drop-down menu, select the Automatic option. Go to the Server Status section. Select the Start option. If prompted, restart your Windows computer.
  • Check if any print jobs are queued. If yes, clear them to fix the HP 515 printing problem.

For Mac

  • Restart your Mac computer.
  • Check and set your printer status. If it is offline, set it to online.
  • Configure the printer settings correctly.
HP Smart Tank 515 Printer Reset

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