hp printer won’t print from a computer

HP Printer Won’t Print From A Computer

Your HP printer may not receive the print jobs from your computer and hence cannot the print them. This may be due to the USB or Wi-Fi connection issue. There are possibilities for other HP printer won’t print from a computer problems such as an outdated driver, incorrect driver settings, etc. Refer to the instructions below to fix the issue.

Fixing The Printing Issues In HP Printer

  1. Power on your printer and computer, and make sure they are connected.
  2. Replace the USB cable if it is damaged or worn out.
  3. Run the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool on your computer to automatically diagnose and fix the issue.
  4. Power reset the printer, and restart your computer if the issue persists.
  5. Try to print a document or photo. If the printer doesn’t print, remove and reinstall the printer driver.
  6. Manually set the printer as your default printing source. If the issue remains unresolved, try the next step.
  7. Update the printer firmware directly from the printer control panel or the manufacturer’s site.
hp printer won't print from a computer

Detailed Instructions For Resolving The HP Printing Issue

Fix HP printer won’t print from a computer, turn your HP printer on, and wait until it makes no noise. If you have used a USB cable for connecting the printer to your computer, remove the cable, and inspect it. If you see any damages, replace the cable. Try plugging the cable into a different port into the computer.

If you have connected the printer to a wireless network, restart the router, printer, and computer. The printer and computer are ready to make new connections. Connect the printer and computer to the network, and try to print. The network signal may get impacted if too many networks are using the same channel. Open the router web setup page, and use the configuration menu to switch to a different channel that is least used by channels.

Run the HP Print and Scan Doctor software on your Windows OS. Open the software and click Fix Printing. Follow the prompts on the screen to fix the HP printer won’t print from a computer issue. If you are not able to print, proceed with the steps given below.

Open the HP folder on your computer, and remove the printer and all the printer-related entries from the Device and Printer folder. Uninstall the printer driver as well. Open the manufacturer’s site and download the most recent version of the printer driver. Re-add the printer and try to print. Open the Devices and Printers folder, and set the printer as the default printing source.

Try updating the printer’s IP address by running the Update IP Address utility from your Windows OS. Click the Start menu on your Windows, select the Programs option, and then click the Update IP address option. Enter the current IP address in the required field, and click Save.

If your computer is running on Mac OS, remove and re-add your HP printer. Select Print and Fax, and click your printer’s name. Remove the ‘-’ to remove the printer, and re-add it by clicking the ‘+’ sign.

Check the router settings and disable any Mac address filtering setting on your router. The Wireless Isolation settings enabled on your router can block the communication between the wireless devices. Disable the Isolation settings, and try to print to recover the problem of HP printer won’t print from a computer.

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