hp printer not printing

How To Fix HP Printer Not Printing

The HP Printer not printing issue can occur due to several reasons. Try performing the solutions given on this page to overcome most printer issues with your printer. Also, refer to the instructions that are given in the user manual for further assistance.

How To Fix HP Printer Not Printing Issue

  1. Unplug the printer and look for damaged cables or loose connections.
  2. Your printer needs to be switched on properly.
  3. Update the printer driver on your computer.
  4. Run the network troubleshooter on your system to check for errors.
  5. Inspect the printer setup process properly and start printing.
  6. Reset the Printer Spooler and run the setup properly.
  7. Clear the print queue and check for paper jams inside the device.
  8. Inspect the level of ink in the cartridge and replace them if required.
hp printer not printing

Detailed Solutions To Fix The Printer Not Printing

To fix HP printer not printing, look around the printer to make sure all the components are intact and free of damage. Check whether the cables that are connected to the printer are intact. If you are connected wirelessly, detach any Ethernet or USB cables connected to the printer.

You need to do this to avoid network interference and overcome other minor issues. Similarly, if you are connected via a wired connection, detach the Ethernet cable from the rear and disable the Wi-Fi feature as well.

Check the router’s connection status. If it seems to be unstable, you need to detach and re-attach the DSL line. Contact your ISP for further assistance. Ensure that the wireless feature of the printer is turned on. Most printers have a Wireless button, check whether the blue icon glows on it. This confirms that the wireless feature of the device is active.

Check whether the printer driver is installed properly. If not, it can lead to various connectivity issues. Your printer and computer need to be linked to the same wireless network if connected wirelessly. Therefore, you need to choose an appropriate driver file that is compatible with the printer model that you use. Also, don’t forget to update it periodically as it can help you overcome small bugs and let you access updates to fix HP printer not printing.

You also need to run the printer’s wireless connectivity test to check if the printer is ready to print. Also, run the network diagnostics on your computer and check whether the printer setup process is done.

Download and install the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool on your computer and run the diagnostics. This tool helps you resolve certain network issues with the printer. Some connectivity issues can occur after you have updated your computer’s operating system.

Choose the Start button on the computer and select Services in the search box. Click the Standards tab and double-click Print Spooler from the list of services. Now select Stop -> OK to terminate the services and resolve HP Printer not printing.

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