hp printer not printing

[Troubleshooting] HP Printer Not Printing

The HP printer might stop printing due to various reasons which arise as a result of issues in the software, hardware or components connected with the device. The HP Printer not printing problem is to be identified and resolved accordingly to bring the printer back to normalcy.

Steps To Resolve The Printing Issue On An HP Printer

  1. Ensure that the HP printer is connected to a proper power source without any hindrances.
  2. Check whether the input tray is loaded with a sufficient amount of paper for the print job.
  3. Open the cartridge/toner access door and examine printing blank pageswhether the cartridge or toner is inserted in the printer.
  4. Make sure that the cartridges or toner is installed in proper slots and in the correct position after removing the safety materials if any.
  5. Ensure that the HP printer is connected with the personal computer and the connection is stable.
  6. Check if the printer is configured using the appropriate driver and software.
  7. Download the latest software and driver from our website if required.
  8. Check other printer parts and take the device to a service center for repairing the hardware components.
hp printer not printing

Detailed Steps To Resolve The Issue In Printing From HP Printer

Power up the HP printer by connecting the power cord to the rear panel. It is advised to connect the power cord to a direct wall outlet. Connecting the cord to a spike buster or a surge protector might result in power supply issues.

Check whether all the trays are opened and all packaging materials are removed from your printer. Load paper in the input tray if it is not done earlier. Insert paper in the proper format according to the HP Printer not printing instructions provided in the manual.

Check if the ink cartridges or toner is installed in the printer. Ensure proper installation and check if the packaging components are removed from it. Check if the cartridges are installed in proper slots in the device. Check for any damages in the cartridge or toner.

Ensure that the cartridge or toner installed in the printer are of genuine quality. Use only manufacturer certified ink cartridges or toners in the printer. Ensure that the cartridges are compatible with your printer. Do not use counterfeit or refilled ink cartridges as they might damage the entire printing system to fix HP Printer not printing.

Verify the connection between your printer and the computer from which you are attempting to print from. The connection must be established using any one of the compatible connection methods and check for any damage or glitch in the connection components. Replace the damaged parts and re-establish the connection to the printer.

Check for the necessary driver and software on your computer. Ensure that all the required files are installed on the computer. Check if the files installed are compatible with the operating system of your computer. The driver and software files for Windows OS has a .exe extension while the ones for Mac OS has a .dmg extension. Ensure to install the newest files on your computer.

Ensure that no parts of the printer are damaged. Call our customer support team to rectify errors in the software or driver of your printer. If you find any damages with the hardware on your printer, take it to the nearest service center to get HP Printer not printing repaired.

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