hp printer not printing black

HP Printer Not Printing Black

There are several reasons for the HP Printer not printing black ink. The only method to find the solution is to take the cartridge out and then begin diagnosing the issue there. The simple instructions on how to resolve the not printing in black ink issue are discussed on this page.

Steps To Fix HP Printer Not Print Black Color

  1. Fix the printing issue by making use of the HP Print and can Doctor tool.
  2. Add a compatible black ink cartridge into the printer.
  3. Change cartridges that have low or empty ink levels.
  4. Align the printhead on the HP Printer’s operation panel.
  5. Look for the ink levels inside the black cartridge.
  6. Replace the black cartridge if the ink levels are low.
  7. Update the Hewlett Packard printer’s firmware.
  8. Verify the right print settings are used on your PC.
hp printer not printing black

7 Points To Fix HP Printer Has Ink But Won’t Print

To rectify HP Printer not printing black, check the print settings on the Windows computer: In the app using which you are doing the print task, select the File option. Open the Print dialog box on your Personal Computer by tapping the Print option. Choose your printer model and then click the Properties button. The Printer Properties dialog box opens on your system.

Click the Paper/Quality menu and select the appropriate size of the paper in the Paper Size drop-down box. Click the right type of paper in the Media drop-down list. Open the Advanced tab by selecting the Advanced button. Ensure that the Print In Grayscale feature is disabled under the Document Options menu.

Click the OK button. See the settings by choosing the OK button again. Now begin the print work by selecting the OK or Print option. Verify the print settings on the Mac PC: Open a photo or text, then click File, and then choose the Print option. Select the name of the program and click either the Media & Quality or Paper Type/Quality menu. Ensure that the paper type and quality are set correctly.

Print and evaluate the quality report. Place blank, white papers into the main input tray. Tap the Down arrow on the touch panel of the printer and select the Settings option, and then choose OK. Click the Tools option and then touch OK. Choose Print Quality Report by tapping the down arrow and then click OK. And resolve HP Printer not printing black.

Now check if there are any defects with the black cartridge on the printed page. Add or install only genuine and compatible black ink cartridges. Try cleaning the printhead automatically. Select the Settings button on the front panel of the printer and select Tools, and then tap the OK option.

Click the Clean Printhead option by touching the down arrow key. Begin the cleaning process by tapping OK. A report gets printed by your Hewlett Packard printer after the cleaning process is completed. If the black ink not printing problem still exists, align your Hewlett Packard printer.

Confirm there is sufficient ink inside the black cartridge. If the ink levels are not sufficient, change the black cartridge. Get new, genuine black cartridges and then install them into the Hewlett Packard printer and resolve HP Printer not printing black.

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