hp photosmart 6515 prints blank pages


To rectify the HP Photosmart 6515 prints blank pages problem, you can perform certain troubleshooting steps to rule-out the root cause of it. The problem might cause due to misplacing of ink cartridges or even due to the unclean printer head.

How to resolve HP Photosmart 6515 Printing blank pages issue?

  1. Press the printer’s Power button and wait patiently until it is silent.
  2. Flip open the ink cartridge door located in the left corner of your printer.
  3. Eject the ink cartridge from the slot and then pull to remove it.
  4. Insert the new ink cartridge into the slot after you remove the orange cap.
  5. Check if the cartridge is installed in place and then seal the access door.
  6. Do not proceed until the printer prints an alignment page.
  7. Press OK after the alignment page printing process is complete.
  8. Clean the cartridge contacts in case of failure in alignment.
hp photosmart 6515 prints blank pages

Find whether the print head is clean and perform troubleshooting

  • Make use of the automated tool to clean the print head if it is very unclean to restore better printing quality and wait for minimum 30 minutes, which helps to clear HP photosmart 6515 prints blank pages.
  • Load A4 size paper in the tray before cleaning again.
  • Click the Setup icon present on the control panel to start the process of cleaning the printhead.
  • Tap Tools menu and touch Clean printhead so that it will begin to clean the printhead.
  • It automatically starts to clean the printhead and a test page will be printed.
  • Examine the print quality on the test page and based on that you can decide the next step for fixing HP photosmart 6515 prints blank pages.
  • If the quality is undesirable, push the proceed button and repeat the method of cleaning to improve the quality.
  • If the quality is desirable, click Done menu and proceed printing.
  • You can also get print quality diagnostic report from the settings icon from the control panel. Click the Tools menu and select Print quality report . It begins to print a test page to analyze the quality of print.
  • Some of the other possibilities to encounter the problem of HP photosmart 6515 prints blank pages are
    1. If the font is large and pushed to one corner, this may be a cartridge or printhead problem.
    2. If it is faded color bars or uneven lines, it is the possibility of a cartridge or printhead problem.
    3. Some broken alignment may be the outcome of an alignment problem.
  • These are some of the methods to make your printer print and troubleshoot the problem of HP Photosmart 6515 prints blank pages.
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