HP Pagewide Pro MFP 577dw Paper Jam

HP Pagewide Pro MFP 577dw Paper Jam

HP Pagewide Pro MFP 577dw Paper Jam

A paper jam is a frequently occurring problem on every printer. Whenever there is a paper jam, you just need to locate the exact area and remove all the jammed paper.

Read this page completely if you want to know how to clear the jammed paper from your HP PageWide Pro MFP577dw printer.

How to Clear the Jammed Paper From HP Pagewide Pro mfp577dw?

On your printer, a paper jam usually occurs in the document feeder, scanner, output bin, tray 2, optional tray 3, left jam-access door, tray 1, and the left door. This section shows you how to remove the jammed paper from these locations.

Clear Jammed Paper From the Document Feeder

  • Open the document feeder cover and raise the roller assembly.
  • Gently take out all the jammed paper and close the document feeder cover.
  • Open the scanner lid; if you find the jammed paper behind the white plastic, remove it gently.

Remove the Jammed Paper from Tray1, Tray 2, and Tray 3

  • If you find the jammed paper in Tray 1, remove all the sheets gently and resume your printing job.
  • To clear the jammed sheets from Tray 2, pull the tray and release the latch at the left of the tray. Then, remove all the jammed paper and close Tray 2.
  • If the paper is jammed in Tray 3, remove the jammed sheets carefully. If you cannot clear the jammed paper, try to remove it from the left door of Tray 3. Then, close Tray 3.
  • If you find jammed paper in Tray 4, open it and remove the sheets gently. Then, close the tray.

Clear Paper Jams in the Left Door and Output Bin

  • Open the left door and remove all the visible paper from the rollers and delivery area. Once done, close the door.
  • If you find a paper jam in the output bin, remove all the paper. Then, open the left door and close it; it clears the error message on the printer control panel.

How to Prevent a Paper Jam?

Some precautions can help you prevent a paper jam. In this section, we have suggested a few measures to avoid this problem.

  • Use only paper that meets the HP specifications. Make sure not to use lightweight or short-grain paper.
  • Do not use curled, damp, or damaged paper.
  • Avoid loading paper beyond the indicated limit.
  • Do not adjust the paper guides too tightly.
  • If you are using heavy, embossed, or perforated paper, load the stack into Tray 1 or the multipurpose tray.
  • If you take these precautions, you can prevent the paper jam issue.

In this way, you should remove all the jammed paper from the HP PageWide Pro MFP577dw printer. For further questions and clarifications, you can always reach our technical experts for assistance.

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