Hp Pagewide Pro 477dw Is Not Printing Black


Hp Page Wide Pro 477dw Not Printing Black

“The HP PageWide Pro 477DW printer not printing black” is not a new problem. It is a well-known issue that many users like you face. So, if you’re facing this problem for the first time, continue reading this page to know the causes and troubleshooting solutions to fix it.


Generally, a printer doesn’t print in black, if:

  • You’re using a non-genuine ink cartridge
  • The ink cartridge level is low or empty
  • The printhead is clogged
  • The cartridge is not properly unpacked or seated
  • The print settings are misconfigured

The above reasons also apply to the HP PageWide Pro 477DW printer.

Troubleshooting solutions

Perform the following troubleshooting solutions one by one and check if the HP PageWide Pro 477DW printer is printing black.

Use a genuine HP ink cartridge

  • Using a non-genuine ink cartridge can cause these kinds of problems.
  • So, check whether you have installed the genuine HP ink cartridge on your printer.
  • If not, remove the existing one and replace it with a genuine HP black ink cartridge.
  • Now, perform a grayscale printing to check whether the black ink cartridge is printing.
  • If not, perform the next solution.

Check and replace the cartridge

  • If the cartridge’s ink level is low or empty, the particular area of that ink will be printed as blank.
  • Check the estimated ink level of the black cartridge and replace it if necessary.
  • You can check the cartridge’s ink level from your printer’s control panel, EWS page, or printer software.
  • To find the ink level from the control panel of your printer, open its dashboard and tap on the Ink icon. Now, your printer screen will display the ink levels of the cartridges.

Reinstall the ink cartridge

  • Installing the ink cartridge improperly or in the wrong slot can also cause these kinds of print quality problems.
  • Check to ensure that the black ink cartridge is unpacked and seated properly in its slot.

Reconfigure the print settings

  • f you want to print only in black ink, set the print settings respectively.
  • Open the Print dialog box.
  • Click the Print Color as Gray or Print in Grayscale option followed by Black Ink Only.

Clean the printhead

  • If the printer’s printhead is clogged, it will affect the print quality badly.
  • Clean your printer’s printheads to fix the “HP PageWide Pro 477DW not printing black” problem.
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