HP LaserJet M553N is a single-function printer that comes with a variety of features. The printer can be connected over a wireless, wired, or USB connection. Its print quality is excellent and offers mobile printing, easy-access USB printing, and more. Even if this printer’s print quality and functions are excellent, it encounters an issue when printing an image file. If your HP LaserJet M553N printer is also not printing image files, continue reading this page to know how to fix it.

Simple solutions

  • Turn on your HP LaserJet M553N printer if it is turned off.
  • Ensure that your printer is ready for print operation.
  • Similarly, make sure that you have loaded the recommended paper type into the printer’s paper tray.
  • Check the connectivity status between your HP printer and the computer. If you find that they are not connected, reconnect them and then print the image file.
  • Configure the print settings if they are misconfigured.
  • Restart your HP printer and the computer (that you’re using).
  • Check whether any error message or code is displayed on your printer’s LCD. If yes, clear it and then print a test page.

If none of these simple solutions fix the “HP LaserJet M553N won’t print an image” issue, try the advanced solution given below.


Check if your printer has a dial tone

  • See if the fax cord is firmly attached to the wall jack and the LINE port.
  • Press theFaxbutton on the printer.
  • See if the printer has a hook. If so, press it and see if you hear a dial tone.
  • Check if the speaker volume is set to a hearing capacity-LOW,NORMAL, orHIGH.


  • Press the Fax button on the printer.
  • Press any button on the Brother MFC printer control panel.
  • Press FaxStart.
  • The printer will scan from the flatbed.
  • Listen to the dial tone when the printer starts to dial.

Advanced solution

To perform the print operation from your computer to the printer, you have to install the printer’s Universal driver on the computer. Check if you have installed the HP Universal printer driver on your computer. If not, install it by following the instructions given below.*Note: The following instructions are suitable only for the Windows OS-based computer.

As the first step of installing the HP Universal printer driver, download its installer file from the printer’s official support page. After downloading the file, run it on your Windows computer to finish the installation.

  • On your HP printer’s support page, click on the Drivers, Software and Firmware tab followed by the Go button.
  • Now, you will be redirected to the driver download page of the HP LaserJet M553N printer.
  • Make sure that your OS type is selected correctly.
  • Now, expand the Basic Drivers section, locate the HP Universal Print Driver, and click the Download button beside it.
  • Wait for the download process to complete.
  • Once the printer driver file is downloaded, open it by double-clicking on it.
  • Unzip the installer file.
  • Click Yes on the End User License Agreement screen.
  • Choose the Installation Mode as per your preferences and click Install. Install the HP Universal Print driver by following the on-screen instructions.

After installing the driver, try to print the image file. If the HP LaserJet M553N printer is not printing the image file again, contact us.

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