hp Deskjet 3636 wifi password

HP Deskjet 3636 wifi password

The password for the printer can be obtained from the printer control panel. The wireless password of the printer is necessary to connect the printer to the computer. A wireless connection requires a HP Deskjet 3636 wifi password for the connection.

How to connect the printer to a wireless connection?

  1. Power on the wireless router and allow the router to become stable.
  2. Check the connectivity lights of the router to ensure that the connection is active.
  3. Do not proceed with the connection if the router connection is not stable.
  4. Go to the wireless settings on the printer control panel.
  5. Check the printer connected with the router.
  6. Enter the password for the connection.
  7. When prompted, enter the required details and press connect.
  8. Check the printer screen to ensure the connectivity.
hp deskjet 3636 wifi password

How to connect the printer to a computer wirelessly?

The printer connection can be established by connecting the computer to the printer. In order to connect the computer to the printer using a wireless connection, a printer driver and HP Deskjet 3636 wifi password are required. The printer driver can be installed by using the CD which is given along with the printer.

Place the installation disc on the computer’s CD drive and wait until the CD is loaded. Make sure that the printer driver CD is properly inserted. When the CD is loaded, go to the folder where the CD is loaded.

Open it and double click on the file to begin the installation. Ensure that you accept the terms and conditions of the installer to begin the driver installation. Once the installation begins, select the language for the driver installation. After selecting the language for the driver installation, it prompts you in selecting the region in which the printer driver is being installed.

Go on and accept the terms and conditions of the driver installation and ensure that you read all the details before accepting them. After the connection, you can proceed with the driver installation.

If the printer and the connection are made using a wireless connection, there is no need for the USB cable which is provided along with the printer before connecting the computer to the wireless connection, power on the wireless router and gather the network details of it.

When the connection becomes stable, connect the router to the computer using a wireless connection. Ensure that you provide the correct password of the network to begin the connection. Press ok after entering the login credentials of the connection.

Click on the Finish option after completing the driver installation. When the HP Deskjet 3636 wifi password setup is complete, you can try to print a test page after connecting the printer to the same wireless network as that of the printer to complete the entire driver installation setup.



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