HP Deskjet 2600 Can’t Setup On IPhone

HP Deskjet 2600 Can’t Setup On iPhone [Fixed]

AirPrint is one of the best features for printers. The HP DeskJet 2600 printer supports AirPrint. With this feature, you can easily print from your iOS device. Most HP printers come with the AirPrint already enabled by default, so you do not need to make any major adjustments in the settings. To print from AirPrint, all you need is the HP DeskJet 2600 printer and the iPhone connected to the same wireless network. There will come a time when the AirPrint will stop functioning and thus HP DeskJet 2600 can’t be set up on your iPhone. In order to solve the issue, you need to check various factors as to why the HP DeskJet 2600 can’t setup on iPhone.

Simple Solutions To Fix HP 2600 Can’t Setup On iPhone

Solution 1: See If There Is A Problem With iPhone

HP Deskjet 2600 Can't Setup On iPhone

Fix 1:

  1. Turn on your iPhone.
  2. Open Settings .
  3. Select the Wi-Fi option and see if the slider option is turned to Green (which means enabled).

Fix 2:

  1. Make sure the printer is on the printers list.
  2. Open a random document.
  3. Tap on the Share option and select Print .
  4. When the printer list opens, see if the HP DeskJet 2600 printer is in the printer list.

Fix 3:

  1. Update your iPhone.
  2. Tap the Settings icon.
  3. Tap on the General option.
  1. Select Software Update on the screen.
  2. If there are updates available, tap the Download button.
  3. Tap Install once the download is complete.

Solution 2: Check Connection Problem With Hp Deskjet 2600 Printer

See if the HP DeskJet 2600 printer is connected to the wireless network. Notice the Wireless button and see if it’s lit and is notblinking rapidly.

Connection Problem With Hp Deskjet 2600 Printer

Fix 1:

  1. If the HP DeskJet 2600 printer is still not connecting to the wireless network, you can download and run the HP Print and Scan Doctor on a computer connected to the printer via USB. Here are the steps to run the HP Print and Scan Doctor application.
  2. Download the HP Print and Scan Doctor from the Official HP Support page.
  3. Run installation for HP Print and Scan doctor, follow the on-screen instructions and complete the Setup.
  4. Click the Yes button if the tool tells you to turn on updates for the printer.
  5. Follow the instructions and connect the printer to Wi-Fi.
  6. If fix 1 does not work, use the WPS method and connect the HP DeskJet 2600 printer to the wireless network (Works only with WPS enabled routers).

Fix 2:

  1. Press and hold on the Wireless button on the printer for more than 3 seconds.
  2. The Wireless button light will start blinking.
  3. Immediately you need to press the WPS button on your router.
  4. The HP DeskJet 2600 printer and the router will now find the connection.
  5. Once the connection is found, the light will stop blinking and will remain solid throughout.
  6. Now, you can try to set up the printer on your iPhone.

Solution 3: Check The Router

There can be a problem with the router and so you can’t set up your HP DeskJet 2600 printer on your iPhone.

Check The Router
  1. Make sure all the three lights on your router are on.
  2. If not, you can contact your internet service provider to resolve the error.
  1. Remove other electronic devices like a microwave, mobile phones, etc., as they can cause obstruction with the signals.
  2. Make sure the printer and iPhone are within the range of the router.

Solution 4: Wi-fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct is a fool-proof method and it will have nothing to do with your router. With Wi-Fi Direct, you will make the HP DeskJet 2600 printer work as an access point and you can easily connect it to your iPhone for printing.

  1. Make sure enough paper is loaded in your HP DeskJet 2600 printer.
  2. Pressboth the Wireless button and the Resume button and hold them for more than 3 seconds.
  3. The Wi-Fi Direct feature will be turned on and the icon will be displayed on the printer.
  4. Press the Information button (i) and the printer will print a page withthe Wi-Fi Direct Username and Password.
  1. Now, open the Settings menu on the iPhone.
  2. Tap on the Wi-Fi optionto enable it.
  3. Choose the printer with the help of the Wi-Fi Direct Username.
  4. Enter the Wi-Fi Direct password.
  5. The iPhone will be set up onthe HP DeskJet 2600 printer.
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