HP DeskJet 2544 wifi password

HP DeskJet 2544 wifi password

You can connect the HP DeskJet 2544 printer with the computer using the Wi-Fi Direct feature. Perform any one the methods given below to set the wireless HP DeskJet 2544 wifi password. The default password can be used to set the new password.

The quick steps to set the WiFi Direct using the password

  1. Set the Wi-Fi Direct password using the control panel of the DeskJet printer.
  2. Change the current password either on the control panel or using EWS.
  3. Press the Wi-Fi Direct button to turn it on.
  4. Check the display panel shows the wireless icon.
  5. Click the wireless icon on your computer.
  6. Examine the list of active networks available.
  7. Select the printer’s network name that includes the DIRECT keyword in it.
  8. Type the password 12345678 as this is the default password.
HP DeskJet 2544 wifi password

The complete procedure to connect the printer to the Wi-Fi with the password

  • The control panel has certain control keys. Locate the Wi-Fi Direct button and press the same. The display will show the Wireless icon if it is enabled.
  • Employ the WPS method and can connect your printer. The Wi-Fi Protected Setup provides two connection methods.
  • One is the WPS Push Button method, and other is called WPS PIN method. Before you start implementing this method, make sure your router includes Wireless Protected Setup button on it.
  • Press the WPS button on your printer for 120 seconds and then press the WPS button on your router. Enter the network name and HP DeskJet 2544 wifi password, when the display prompts.
  • Select the connection methods your printer supports. Download the updated version of the printer software and carry out the installation process.
  • You can use the HP Auto Wireless Connect to connect your HP DeskJet 2544 printer. You don’t need any USB cables or other network credentials.
  • Choose the Network connection type after installing the software and tap on the respective option to send the wireless setting. After this, the HP Auto Connect will do the remaining.
  • If the above method is not successful, use the HP WYes, send wireless settings to the printerireless Setup Wizard method. Run the Wireless Setup Wizard using the printer’s control panel. This method is applicable only for the control panel with the touch screen.
  • Connect with the printer, you must know the network name and the security password (WEP/WPA) of your HP DeskJet 2544. Print the network configuration page and the details of network credentials.
  • Enter it manually if the network’s name is unlisted. Enter the name properly. When the window prompts, enter the HP DeskJet 2544 wifi password. The printer would have got connected wirelessly.
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