hp 7200 printer troubleshooting

HP 7200 Printer Troubleshooting

To troubleshoot the HP 7200 printer issues, you need to find the reason behind the error displayed on the printer. There are various HP 7200 printer troubleshooting methods used to fix printer issues. The HP printer is known for its efficiency and print quality. The most common printer problems faced by the HP customers are a paper jam, printer offline, empty or damaged ink cartridge, and unable to scan & copy. The paper jam and the ink cartridge problem can be resolved easily. To troubleshoot the HP 7200 printer problems, go with the instructions given below.

Simple Troubleshooting Methods Used To Resolve The HP Printer Issue

  1. Download and install the HP Print & Scan Doctor on your operating system from the manufacturer’s site.
  2. Click the Fix Scanning option in the Print & Scan Doctor to start the Scan job.
  3. Uninstall and reinstall the printer driver on your operating system.
  4. Check if the Windows Image Acquisition settings are enabled.
  5. Check the ink level of the cartridge.
  6. Refill the cartridge if it is empty.
  7. Replace the defective cartridge.
  8. Avoid using a surge protector for connecting the printer to a wall outlet.
  9. Make sure to use paper for printing.
  10. Check whether the printer and its cartridges are working correctly.
hp 7200 printer troubleshooting

Complete Troubleshooting Methods To Fix The HP 7200 Printer Issue

Step 1: To search for a reason behind the Print Quality Problem, the first steps is to Print a Diagnostic page. This page will help you identify the cause behind the Print Quality Problems. If the printer displays the faded or streaked outputs, the printed output is not what you expected. This indicates the print quality problem.

Step 2: To Print a Diagnostic Page, go with the HP 7200 printer troubleshooting instructions given below. On your printer’s control panel, press the star (*) button and the # key simultaneously, then release both buttons. To open the Service menu, press the 1, 2, 3 keys of the printer.

Step 3: In the Service menu, press the Right arrow button twice. A Special Report menu appears on the printer screen, now press the OK button. Select the Right arrow button once, the Print Cartridge menu opens, and press the OK button. The printer will start to print a diagnostic page.

Step 4: The second step is to check the ink levels of the cartridge. Make sure not to use the refilled or re-manufactured ink cartridges on your HP printer. Now, check the middle of the diagnostic page. The bars with E symbol indicate that the cartridge is empty and the bar with F shows that the ink level of the cartridge is full.

Step 5: If the ink level is correct but the printer prints the faded copies, then something else is causing the print quality problem. To resolve this, follow the HP 7200 printer troubleshooting instructions given here. Check the printer settings on your operating system. Open the file or document you want to print.

Step 6: Click the File option or the Menu tab and select Print. You can also press the Key combo Ctrl + P, to Print the document. Now, right-click the printer icon in your operating system and select the Preferences or Properties option. Click the Printing Shortcuts tab in the Preferences or Properties window.

Step 7: The print quality can be increased in the Printing Shortcuts menu. You can change the print quality, paper type, and size. To get more features, click the Advanced tab, and then select Advanced Features. In the Advanced tab, you can adjust the ink level.

Step 8: After setting the print setting, check the paper type. If you use curled or dirty paper for printing, then there is a chance for a paper jam to occur. Make sure to store the paper in a sealed plastic bag, to avoid it from curling and or getting dirty.

Step 9: Use HP Premium paper for printing high-contrast graphics or photographs. Make sure to load the paper with the slide facing down.

Step 10: Before you print an image, verify whether your image file has a sufficient resolution for the print size. Analyze the general image resolution, set the image to be printed based on it. Perform a test print. If the HP 7200 printer troubleshooting step does not resolve the issue, check your image resolution.

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