hp 1220c printer troubleshooting

HP 1220C Printer Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is carrying out a series of steps to find out the printer issues and perform the HP 1220C printer troubleshooting steps for rectifying the same. Many issues may arise in the Deskjet 1220c printer. The general problems that the printer encounters are printing blank pages, offline or not responding, printer not found during network driver setup, issues in the print, scan and, copy process, etc. Simple solutions for fixing the errors on the Deskjet 1220c printer are given on this web page. Follow the instructions that are provided for resolving the printer issues easily and quickly.

Quick Solutions For Resolving Issues In The HP 1220C Printer

  1. Try doing a hard reset process to fix any issue that has occurred in the Deskjet 1220c printer.
  2. Force press the Deskjet 1220c printer’s Power button to switch it On.
  3. Don’t proceed until the Hewlett Packard printer remains calm and idle.
  4. Let the printer be powered On. Detach the power cable from its rear side.
  5. Remove the other end of the cable from the power or wall socket.
  6. Do not proceed for at least sixty to eighty seconds.
  7. Reinsert the cable to the Deskjet 1220c printer and the socket.
  8. Power On your Hewlett Packard device and wait until it does not produce any noise.
  9. Check if the problem is cleared by performing a print function.
hp 1220c printer troubleshooting

Instructions For Rectifying Errors In The Deskjet 1220C Printer

Deskjet 1220c printer offline or not responding: A Printer Offline error message generally gets displayed on the Mac or Windows computer.

Windows PC: Users can make use of Hewlett Packard self-diagnostic app called Print and Scan Doctor for rectifying the offline error with HP 1220C printer troubleshooting. Launch the HPPSdr.exe file on your system and open the same.

Click the Start button and select your HP Deskjet 1220c printer. Click on either the Fix Scanning or Fix Printing option, and carry out the prompts that appear in the tool. Make sure to set your Deskjet 1220c printer as the default printing source.

Mac computer: Confirm that the Deskjet 1220c printer is not in the Sleep mode. Ensure that enough white papers are loaded into the main input tray. Make sure that the color and black cartridges are installed correctly. Ascertain that there are no blinking lights on the Deskjet 1220c printer. Restart the HP Deskjet 1220c printer and do not continue until it is ready to print.

Restart all the devices. Turn the Deskjet 1220c printer Off and unplug the power cord, and then wait for fifteen seconds. Remove the power cord from the PC and switch it Off. Reinsert the cord to the HP Printer and power it On. Remove the cord from the network router. After ten seconds, replug the cord. Turn On the Personal Computer and check if the offline error is rectifiedl by HP 1220C printer troubleshooting.

Deskjet 1220c cannot turn On: Ensure that the electrical cord is connected to the printer properly.

Deskjet 1220c printer not printing: Confirm whether the electrical cable is connected properly between the Deskjet 1220c printer and the socket. Verify if the paper is loaded correctly into the tray.

Ensure that the black and color print cartridges are inserted into the slots appropriately. Switch the printer Off and turn it On after a few seconds. Tap the Resume button and release it once the Resume lamp flickers. Ascertain to set Deskjet 1220c as the default printer.

Deskjet 1220c printer printing blank pages: Make sure that the tape is removed from the cartridges. Ensure that the media width match the print settings. Confirm that the printer setup process is performed correctly. If you are utilizing a parallel port, confirm that the Deskjet 1220c printer is inserted directly into it.

Paper jams inside the Deskjet 1220c printer: Raise the access door and pull the jammed papers out. Turn the panel knob to the rear of the Deskjet 1220c printer and then remove it. Take the jammed sheets of paper out. If you are unable to reach the paper, raise the output tray and discard the paper jams from the main tray.

Deskjet 1220c printer not found error: Make use of Hewlett Packard’s self-diagnostic app for rectifying the issue. Uninstall the Deskjet 1220c printer driver from your Mac or Windows system. Reinstall the newest driver version from the manufacturer’s site or through the software CD. Now, print a sample page to check if the error is rectified by following the HP 1220C printer troubleshooting solution.

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