how to work a lexmark printer

How To Work A Lexmark Printer

To begin with how to work a Lexmark printer, first the printers are available as inkjet and monochrome printers. You can print in color and black & white. It supports ink and toner cartridges. In some instances, the printer supports printing, scanning, copying, and faxing based on the printer model. You will be able to print on either side of the page without flipping the pages manually. This can be done by using the Automatic Document Feeder Tray. Print on labels, envelopes, plain papers, card stocks and more. You can connect your Lexmark printer either to the Windows or Mac system.

How Should I Print From The Lexmark Printer?

  1. Turn on your system and printer.
  2. Download a compatible driver on your Windows or Mac OS.
  3. Install it by performing the instructions mentioned on the screen.
  4. Position plain sheets of paper into the input tray.
  5. First, open the folder where your document is stored.
  6. Choose the Lexmark printer name from the list of available devices.
  7. Do the necessary changes to the print settings if required.
  8. Print the document by selecting the Print option.
  9. Use the Lexmark Mobile Print or Google Cloud Print app to print.
how to work a lexmark printer

How To Print Confidential Document, Scan, Fax or Copy From Lexmark Printer?

If you are using the printer for office purpose, you need to perform print jobs by using the steps mentioned here for how to work a Lexmark printer. For the Windows system, open the folder to select the file. Click Print. Choose the Properties or Setup options based on the printer model.

Select the Print and Hold option. Set a new user name by clicking the Use Print and Hold option. Choose the type of print job. Select either Confidential, Repeat, Reserve, or Verify. If you are printing a confidential document, type the four digit PIN. Click OK -> Print.

If you are linking the printer to a Mac system, open the folder and choose the document from it. Click the Job Routing option from the Copies and Pages menu. Click the print job type as Confidential, Repeat, Reserve, or Verify. You need to provide the four-digit PIN if you wish to print the confidential document.

Copying a document can be done either by using the Automatic Document Feeder or scanner glass. Load the document with the printed side facing downward on the scanner glass. Adjust the guides so that it matches the width of the paper. Select the Copy option on the printer’s control panel. Set the copy settings if required. Now move to the next step for how to work a Lexmark printer.

If you wish to copy your photos, load the photo on the scanner glass. Move to the printer’s display panel and select Copy -> Settings -> Content -> Content Type -> Photo. Press OK if you are using a text-based control panel.

If you intend to copy on a letterhead, insert the paper into the ADF tray. Go to the printer’s operation panel and press Copy -> Copy From. Choose the size of the original document. Click the Copy To option. You need to set the paper source and choose the paper size as Letterhead. Press OK to start the copy process.

If the printer supports the Fax function, move to the printer’s control panel. Click Settings -> Device-> Preferences -> Run Initial Setup. Power off the Lexmark printer and then turn it on. Choose the Change the Settings and Continue with the Wizard option before the initial setup. Type the required information in the Email Server Setup screen. Complete the setup.

Plug in the telephone cable between the printer’s line port and an active wall jack. Set the fax settings on the printer’s operation panel. After the settings are complete, send or receive the fax to finish the solution of how to work a Lexmark printer.

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