how to update oki printer firmware

How To Update Oki Printer Firmware

The firmware of the printer indicates that the software is embedded in the system. If you are upgrading the printer firmware, check if the printer and system are correctly connected. You need a stable internet connection to update it. Use the Firmware Update tool to update the firmware for Windows or Mac system. Check the file type and size before starting the update process. Install the tool that is compatible with the version of the operating system. Agree to the Terms and Conditions mentioned on the screen before installing the tool. Learn how to update Oki printer firmware are discussed below.

Steps Required To Install The Printer Firmware

  1. Download the firmware update tool on your system.
  2. Update the tool if necessary.
  3. Ensure that you use the updated version of the tool.
  4. The updated firmware depends on the printer model.
  5. Use the admin password of the printer for the firmware update.
  6. Check if the system, tablet and mobile can access Internet.
  7. Keep a note of the administrator credentials while downloading the tool.
  8. Do not turn off the printer and system during the firmware update.
  9. Maintain a stable internet connection.
  10. Do not perform any printer functions during the update process.
how to update Oki printer firmware

Which Method Is Used To Update The Firmware Of The OKI Printer?

Step 1: Turn on the printer and the system using their Power buttons. Check if the system has Internet access. If the internet connection is stable, download the Update Tool from the homepage. This tool helps to upload new firmware files to the device.

Step 2: Check if both the devices are connected to the same network. Run the Firmware Update tool. You can update the latest firmware with the help of the Internet connection. If the PC and printer are unable to communicate with each other, move to the next step of how to update Oki printer firmware.

Step 3: You need to Download the firmware suite and store it in the system. Copy all the contents in the suite or tool to the system that helps you communicate with the printer. Launch the Tool and specify the suite on the system. After a while, the firmware of the printer starts to update.

Step 4: If you have connected the printer to a wireless network, you can switch over to wired. After changing the connection, the firmware update completes. You need to set it again to the Wireless LAN connection.

Step 5: If the system does not have the internet connection, move the files from the tool to the PC that helps to launch the update. Link the system to the personal computer that will start the update . The connection methods of how to update Oki printer firmware vary based on the printer model.

Step 6: Check if the printer is in the active state. You need to double-click on the Firmware update tool option. Wait for the User Account Control message to display on the screen. Click Yes. Choose the desired language and click OK. Now read the License Agreement and click OK.

Step 7: Go through the precautions on the screen and click Next. Choose the Specifies and update the downloaded firmware option. Select the References option. Check if there is a tickmark in the Implement data services option.

Step 8: Choose either Network or USB in the Access point and select the Start Search option. Confirm that the devices are connected correctly. Choose the printer model. Remove the other devices from the list.

Step 9: Specify the administrator password in its tab. Click the Start Update option that displays on the screen. If the update completes message displays, the system restarts automatically.

Step 10: If you view an error message on the system, try to download and install the tool again. If the device name is unavailable in the list, the firmware update is not necessary for the printer. In some instances, the issue for how to update Oki printer firmware can be due to the maintenance personnel.

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