how to uninstall lexmark printer windows 7

How To Uninstall Lexmark Printer Windows 7

Uninstalling the Lexmark printer driver is necessary if you are installing the new version. You need to uninstall the driver when a specific error message displays on the printer’s control panel. The error messages are missing uninstall program, uninstall option not available, uninstaller unavailable, and bad or failed installation of the driver. Performing the uninstallation via the CD and more. The printer supports all the latest version of Windows operating systems. Know the procedure on how to uninstall Lexmark printer windows 7 by using the steps mentioned below.

The Procedure To Uninstall Lexmark Printer Driver

  1. Turn off the Lexmark printer with the help of the Power button.
  2. Go to the printer’s rear and disconnect the USB cable.
  3. Press the Windows and Z keys to open the Windows App bar.
  4. Choose the All Apps icon to view the complete list.
  5. Select the Lexmark printer model from the list.
  6. Right-click on the printer’s name and click Uninstall.
  7. Select Yes to provide access to Windows 8 and open the Lexmark uninstallation.
  8. Choose the Yes option to begin the Lexmark driver removal process.
  9. Perform the on-screen procedure to complete the process of how to uninstall Lexmark printer windows 7.
how to uninstall lexmark printer windows 7

How To Uninstall The Lexmark Printer From The Server And Windows System ?

Step 1: If you are using the Lexmark printer driver on an IBM AIX Server, uninstalling the driver is an easy process. Open the System Management Interface Tool. Begin the non-graphical SMIT with the help of the command- smitty or smit -a. If you wish to start the graphical mode of SMIT, use the command line- msmit or smit -m.

Step 2: Choose the Software Installation or Maintenance option from the System Management window. Click Software Maintenance and Utilities. Locate the Remove Installed Software option. Press F4 on your keyboard in the Software name Entry field. Click No on the Preview Only? Option.

Step 3: Tap the Enter key available on your keyboard to proceed with the process of how to uninstall Lexmark printer windows 7. After uninstalling, install the driver by using the instructions mentioned on the screen. Ensure that the updated driver is installed correctly.

Step 4: Another scenario regarding the uninstallation process is provided. Locate the Start icon on the Quick Launch bar. Click on it and select Control Panel. For the Windows 8 operating system, go to the All apps option. Right-click on the Start screen.

Step 5: Press the Windows and X keys on your keyboard simultaneously to open the Power User menu. For easy access, create a shortcut of the menu by using the Control Panel. Select the Programs and Features option. For a Windows XP system, click the Add or Remove Programs option.

Step 6: Find the Lexmark XXXX series in the available list. Right-click on the printer name and choose Uninstall/Change. To begin the uninstallation, select Yes. Wait for the operation process to complete. Reboot the system by clicking OK.

Step 7: If you are uninstalling via the installation CD, load the CD into the disc drive and launch the Auto-run program. Choose the Support option after the in the following screen.

Step 8: In the screen, select the Uninstall Software or Uninstall Printer Software option. Open the Uninstall program in the printer programs list and refrain from proceeding until the driver is uninstalled on the system.

Step 9: After uninstallation, reboot the printer to complete the process of how to uninstall Lexmark printer windows 7. Check if the printer’s name displays on the screen.

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