how to uninstall lexmark printer software windows 10

How To Uninstall Lexmark Printer Software Windows 10

To uninstall the Lexmark printer software on the Windows 10 OS, first, take a back up of the driver file from the computer. When you are not able to print or scan using the Lexmark printer software, then there is a connectivity issue with your printer or the software may be outdated. In such cases, you have to uninstall the printer software in order to resolve this issue. Refer to the instructions given below to how to uninstall Lexmark printer software windows 10.

Easy Steps To Uninstall The Lexmark Software On Windows 10

  1. Press the Windows + R combo key to start the Run command.
  2. Enter appwiz.cpl on the Run command and click the OK button.
  3. Remove the programs associated with the Lexmark printer software.
  4. Press the Windows+R keys or click the Start button, and search for the Run command in the list of the programs.
  5. Enter the devmgmt.msc command on it.
  6. Click the OK button. Search for your printer in the category list.
  7. Choose your printer software from the list. Right-click the selected printer software and select Uninstall.
  8. Ensure that the printer software is removed from your operating system and reboot the computer.
how to uninstall lexmark printer software windows 10

Learn In Detail About Lexmark Software Uninstallation On Windows 10

Step 1: If the Windows 10 can’t recognize your Lexmark printer software, then you can reinstall it to resolve this issue. Once the printer software is uninstalled, reinstall the latest version of it to get the advanced features.

Step 2: Before starting the process of how to uninstall Lexmark printer software windows 10, make sure that you have a proper installation CD/DVD or downloaded driver files for backup. To manually uninstall the printer software, follow the instruction steps given below. Use the Add or Remove wizard to perform manual uninstallation.

Step 3: Remove the program files that are associated with the printer and then uninstall the printer software. On your operating system, press the Windows + R to initiate the run command. On the Run command box, enter the appwiz.cpl command and then click OK.

Step 4: This will uninstall all the program files that are linked with your printer. Now, remove the printer software manually. Press the Windows + R keys. On the Run entry field, type the devmgmt.msc command and then click the OK button.

Step 5: When the category table displays, expand it and search for your printer. Find the printer name, right-click it, and choose Uninstall. Reset the PC and check if the printer functions. To delete a Lexmark printer from Windows 10, do according to the instructions given below.

Step 6: Click on the Windows icon on the taskbar, search for Devices & Printers menu, and click it. The Devices & Printers window appears. You will find Devices and Printers listed as separate sections. In the Printers section, look for the printer marked displayed with a little green circle with a white tick mark. This is your default printer.

Step 7: Now, select the default printer, right-click it, and then click Remove. When you get a confirmation message stating, Are you sure you want to remove this device?, click Yes. If you have a standard account, you may be prompted to enter the administrative password.

Step 8: Enter the password in the respective entry field. Once the printer driver has been uninstalled, restart your computer. To install the new printer software on your operating system, proceed with the instructions that follow.

Step 9: Prior to starting the installation process, run the Program Compatibility mode troubleshooter on your Windows. To do this, tap the Windows icon on the taskbar and type Troubleshooting on the search bar.

Step 10: Click the Troubleshooting option that appears. On the troubleshooting window, click the View All option, select Next, and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the process of how to uninstall Lexmark printer software windows 10.

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