how to setup my lexmark printer wirelessly

How To Setup My Lexmark Printer Wirelessly

To set up a Lexmark printer wirelessly, all you need to know is your wireless network connection name and its security or WEP key. Launch the Wireless utility option of the computer network adapter if you can’t find the wireless network name. Check if encryption is used to secure your network. Before starting the setup, make sure to complete the initial installation. The wireless connection offers you more flexibility to use the printer anywhere within the range of the network. Do according to the instructions given below to how to setup my Lexmark printer wirelessly.

Eight Simple Steps To Set Up A Lexmark Printer Wirelessly

  1. Install the printer driver on your computer.
  2. Turn your router on.
  3. Connect a wireless print server and the printer using a USB cord.
  4. Plug the Lexmark printer and the wireless print server into the AC adapter, and turn them on.
  5. Ensure that the computer is connected to the network.
  6. Insert & run the installation CD that came with your wireless print server on your computer.
  7. Carry out the instructions on the installer setup screen to connect the wireless print server to the wireless network.
  8. After the print server configures the Lexmark printer for wireless connection, test print to check if printer functions over the wireless network.
how to setup my lexmark printer wirelessly

Learn More About How To Setup A Lexmark Printer Wirelessly

Step 1: The wireless installation of the Lexmark printer is easy. The printer can communicate with the computer over a Wi-Fi network setup in your home or the office. Go with the instruction procedures given here to how to setup my Lexmark printer wirelessly.

Step 2: Press the Power button to turn your printer ON. Insert the printer driver and software installation disc into the computer’s hard drive, and click the Run Setup option. It will direct you to the setup page, click the Wireless Setup tab and then select the Assign IP address automatically option.

Step 3: Click the OK button. Click the Connect to button and select your wireless network name from the list of networks displayed. Choose Continue, and enter the wireless network key in the Network key entry field if available.

Step 4: If you don’t have any key, leave it blank and click the Continue button to finish the wireless setup process of your printer. On your operating system, click the Install Drivers tab. Click the Finish option to complete the setup.

Step 5: Now, your Lexmark printer will be connected to your computer wirelessly. Try to perform a test print to know the working status of the printer. If the printer does not print or takes more time to finish the given task, then contact the experts to resolve this issue.

Step 6: After completing the setup, if you wish to change the wireless setting options like the configured network, the security key, or other settings, Refer to the instruction given below—the procedure for how to setup my Lexmark printer wirelessly on Windows.

Step 7: Click the Start option, and select All Programs or Programs (Windows XP and earlier version). From the list of programs, select the Printer program folder. Choose the Lexmark Wireless Setup Assistant tool followed by the Tools menu. Connect the printer and the computer using the USB cable if it is not done already.

Step 8: Go with the instructions on the computer screen to reinstall the software, and modify the settings as you require. To change the wireless settings on the Mac OS, follow the instructions given below. Click Finder, and open the printer folder. Double-click the Lexmark Wireless Setup Assistant option.

Step 9: Follow the instructions on the Mac screen to complete the settings. Once the printer is set up, it can be accessed wirelessly from a computer or mobile device. But, you have to install the printer driver on your computer. To do it, proceed with the steps that follow. Insert the installation CD.

Step 10: Wait for the Welcome screen to display on the screen. If the screen does not appear, then click Start followed by Run. Type D:\setup.exe on the Run dialog box. Carry out the instructions on the screen to configure the printer on a new computer and finish the process of how to setup my Lexmark printer wirelessly.

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