how to setup lexmark wireless printer on ipad

How To Setup Lexmark Wireless Printer On Ipad

Mobile printing solutions provide a way to connect the Lexmark printer to an iPad. The Lexmark printer can be connected to the iPad device using various applications such as Printer Pro and AirPrint. The connection process can be done easily as it does not need any software to be installed. The procedure is simple as it does not require any cords to be physically inserted into the Lexmark printer. Follow the steps that are given on this site for how to set up Lexmark wireless printer on iPad.

Steps On Setup Lexmark Printer On The IPad Device

  1. Confirm whether your Lexmark printer supports the AirPrint feature.
  2. Ensure that the iPad device is connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  3. Make sure to bridge your Lexmark printer to the same Wireless Fidelity network.
  4. Open the document which contains the file to be printed on your iPad.
  5. Choose the app’s Share icon to locate the Print option.
  6. Tap either the Print icon or option and then choose the Select Printer button.
  7. Touch the model of your Lexmark printer from the list of devices.
  8. Press the copy number and then select the Print button.
how to setup Lexmark wireless printer on iPad

Brief Procedure To Set Up The Lexmark Printer On IPad

The connection between the Lexmark printer and the iPad device can be set using several mobile printing solutions. Some of the applications are Apple AirPrint, Printer Pro, and Bluetooth.

How To Setup Lexmark Wireless Printer On Ipad Using AirPrint: It is a service that is developed by Apple and is available for free of cost. First, ensure that your Lexmark printer model supports the AirPrint connectivity. Make sure to link the iPad device and the Lexmark printer to the same wireless network.

To carry out the print function using the AirPrint app, load papers and install the ink or toner cartridges into the Lexmark printer. Launch the application on your iPad that has the text or photograph to be printed. To get the Print option, select the Share icon of the app.

Now, touch either the Printer icon or Print option. If the Print option is not enabled, it indicates that your app does not feature AirPrint. Open the correct application and then do the above steps again. Tap on the Select Printer option and then touch the name of your Lexmark printer that is enabled with the AirPrint option.

Select the options such as what are the pages that have to be printed and the copy number. On the upper-right corner of your iPad device, the Print option will be available, press it.

How To Setup Lexmark Wireless Printer On Ipad Using Bluetooth: Make sure your printer supports the Bluetooth connection. Touch the Settings icon on the Home screen of your iPad device.

Choose the Bluetooth option and then enable the same to view the list of available devices. Press the model of your Lexmark printer to connect it to the iPad device using Bluetooth connectivity.

Now, open the page or document that you wish to print on the iPad. Open the pop-up window by touching the curved arrow mark. Touch the Print button. The file to be printed will be sent to your Lexmark printer and the printer will print it.

Printer Pro: On the iPad, download and install the Printer Pro app. Check if your Lexmark printer is switched On and is linked to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPad.

Open the document to make a print of it and then choose the Open in Printer Pro option. Start the printing process by choosing your Lexmark printer. If the printer’s name is not in the list, select Add Printer Manually and then initiate the print function. For more information regarding how to setup Lexmark wireless printer on ipad, contact our tech experts.

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