How To Setup HP Envy Photo 7100 Printer

How To Setup HP Envy Photo 7100 Printer

HP Envy Photo 7100 Printer

HP ENVY Photo 7100 is an All-in-One Inkjet printer that lets you have effective productivity for your small office workgroups. This printer has a wireless feature, which makes it easy to print wirelessly from your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. If you have recently purchased this printer and looking out to set it up for the first time, just follow the below instructions for How To Setup HP Envy Photo 7100 Printer.

Hardware Setup

The hardware setup is the most important process to perform before operating your new printer. When you have finished the hardware setup, you can start the software installation on your computer. After that, you will be able to work with your newly purchased HP ENVY Photo 7100 printer without any problem. To start the hardware setup, you can proceed with the below instructions.

Start The Printer Unboxing Process

  • Gently start to unpack your printer package.
  • Next, carefully remove the remaining contents, such as the ink cartridges, power cord, etc., from the package.
  • Slowly take the printer out of the box using both your hands and place it on a flat surface.
  • Now, you can start to remove all the packing materials and protective tapes from the outside and inside of your printer.

Turn On Your Printer

  • Directly connect the power cord to the printer’s rear and plug the other end into an electrical outlet.
  • To turn on your printer, press the Power button.
  • Go to the printer’s control panel and complete the initial setup.

Proceed To Install The Ink Cartridges

  • Raise the scanner unit to access the ink cartridge area.
  • Uncover one of the ink cartridges you have received from the package and remove the protective tape.
  • Now, slowly insert the new ink cartridge into the respective slot.
  • Insert The New Ink Cartridge
  • Repeat these instructions to insert the remaining ink cartridges into the respective slots on the HP printer.
  • Close the scanner unit and tap OK on the printer screen after installing the ink cartridges.

Start Loading The Paper

  • Pull out the input tray and remove the output tray from your printer.
  • Slide the paper width guides from one side of the tray
  • Load a stack of plain sheets and start adjusting the paper width guides until they come to a stop at the edges of the stack.
  • Reinstall the output tray and then insert the input tray into the HP ENVY Photo 7100 printer.
  • Insert The Input Tray
  • Tap OK on the printer screen to confirm loading sheets inside the paper tray.
  • Start the alignment process on your printer by following the on-screen prompts.

Software Setup

Software installation is the second most important process, which you need to perform while setting up your printer for the first time. Installing the correct software on your computer will enable you to establish a connection between your devices. To do so, execute the below steps.

  • Head to a browser on your computer and launch your printer’s official support page.
  • Go to the Support tab and select the Software and drivers option from the top menu.
  • Choose the Printer category.
  • Type in your printer model name below the Enter your product name option and click the Submit button.
  • In the next window, your computer’s operating system will be automatically detected at the top of the page.
  • If you want to change the computer’s OS, select the Choose a different OS option and pick the respective operating system from the list.
  • Select the printer’s driver file from the list and click Download.
  • Now, the driver will start to download.

Finally, you can complete the How To Setup HP Envy Photo 7100 Printer by following the above instructions.

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