how to setup epson wireless printer

How to setup Epson wireless printer

The basic process to be done after the Epson printer is purchased is to set it up. It generally involves unboxing the device, establishing the power connection for the Epson printer, loading papers, inserting the cartridges, and installing the printer software, the all are explained on our guide How to setup Epson wireless printer, that is given below.

Simple steps on how to setup Epson wireless printer

  1. Tear the seal to open the shipment box.
  2. Take the installation CD, manual, and other accessories out of the box.
  3. Remove your Epson wireless printer from the carton.
  4. Place the Epson printer on a flat surface.
  5. Insert the power cord’s one end to the rear of your Epson printer.
  6. Plug the alternate end of the cord into a working wall outlet.
  7. Turn On the Epson printer and load papers into the input tray.
  8. Install the ink cartridges and the printer driver.
how to setup epson wireless printer

Detailed instructions on how to setup Epson wireless printer

Cut the sealing tape that is present on top of the shipment box. Take the power cord, USB cable, manual, installation CD, and other supplies out of the carton. Remove the Epson wireless printer out of the box. Discard all the tapes and packing materials that are present across various regions of the Epson printer.

Set all the packing materials aside for recycling. Take the power cord that is provided in the printer’s box. If the power cord is not available, get a one that is compatible with your Epson printer. Insert the appropriate end of the cord to the rear of your Epson printer and the other end to a power outlet or electrical socket to setup Epson wireless printer.

Force press the Power button on your Epson printer to switch On the device. Initialize the primary settings on the front panel of the printer. Place the papers into the input tray, open the paper support on your Epson printer.

Pull out the tray extension and open the output tray. Move the guides towards the left. Push the paper into the tray with the side to be printed facing up. Move the width guides until they rest against the edges of the placed paper. You can insert up to 120 sheets of A4 paper and 20 sheets of photo paper.

Once the papers are kept, close the input tray and its extension. Install the ink cartridges, check if your Epson printer is turned On. Raise the scanner unit and open the cartridge cover. Shake the cartridge packing for about four to five times. Take the cartridge out and discard the yellow tape present on it. Place the cartridge into the holder and push until it snaps into place.

Close the cartridge cover and then lower the scanner unit. Download the recent version of the software directly from this website. After downloading, install the driver. Select the mode of connection as wireless and click the Finish button to end the installation. To set the wireless connection, ascertain to power On your Epson printer.

Move to the Home screen or Main menu on the control panel of the printer. Open the Network Settings and select Wi-Fi Setup. Choose your network name and type the password. Follow the on-screen prompts to connect your Epson printer to the network and know how to setup Epson wireless printer.

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