The Canon Pixma MegaTank G3260 is an all-in-one wireless printer specifically designed to boost your productivity. The printer helps high-volume printing at a very low cost. The affordable Canon ink bottles can easily give 6,000 black copies and 7,700 color copies, respectively. The Canon Pixma printer is known mainly for its versatile features, with crisp and high-quality prints for different media types. Follow the below given steps to know How To Setup Canon Pixma Megatank G3260 Printer.

To begin the printer setup, take out the Canon Pixma MegaTank G3260 printer from the carton. Along with the printer, you will also have the following.

  1. Print heads
  2. Ink bottles
  3. AC Power Cord
  4. The Product Installation and User Guide
How To Setup Canon Pixma Megatank G3260 Printer

Simple Steps To Setup Canon Pixma Megatank G3260

  1. Remove the protective tapes surrounding the Canon Pixma MegaTank G3260 printer.
  2. Open the scanning unit and remove the packaging material present inside.
  3. Inside the scanning unit, you will find the print head locking cover.
  4. Open the cover to install the print heads. Take out the print head from the packaging and remove the protective tape.
  5. Now, insert the color print head on the left side and the black print head on the right side. Bring down the print head locking cover and push it until you hear it click.
  6. Now, press the joint buttons on the print head to attach it fully.
  7. Remove the power cord from the package. Connect it to the rear of the Canon Pixma printer and to the main power source.
  8. Press the On button on the printer.
  9. Use the navigation buttons (left or right) to choose the language and press the OK button.
  10. Now, open the scanning unit to fill the ink on the Canon Pixma MegaTank printer.
  1. Open the cap of the tank on the left side of the printer.
  2. Hold the ink bottle and gently remove the lid.
  3. Carefully align the nozzle of the bottle to the inlet of the printer.
  4. Check the ink level in the transparent area of the printer. Gently remove the bottle and close the lid.
  5. Repeat the same for the other two ink bottles and close the scanning unit.
  6. Follow the instructions on the printer display and the printer will now load the ink.
  7. Press the OK button when you see the Setup is complete message.
  8. After completing the hardware setup of the printer, connect your computer to the Internet and go to https//
  9. Click on Setup and then select your Canon printer.
  10. Click Start > Connecting to a Computer/Smartphone > Download.
  11. Complete the setup with the assistance of the on-screen instructions.
  12. Now, you have successfully completed how to setup Canon Pixma Megatank G3260 printer
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