how to set up brother wireless printer

How to Set Up Brother Wireless Printer

How to set up brother wireless printer is explained in the upcoming topics. Brother printers prints document or photo from your laptop or computer wirelessly. You have to set the wireless configuration on your Brother printer to perform its functions by How to set up Brother wireless printer guide.

Simple and easy steps to set the Brother wireless printer

  1. Turn on your Brother printer by pressing its power button.
  2. Power up the router and computer.
  3. Locate the Menu option on the control panel of your Brother printer.
  4. Go to the Network section and select the WLAN option.
  5. Find and choose Setup Wizard.
  6. Hit the Enter button when the screen displays Network I/F Switched To Wireless.
  7. Select the network name of your router or an access point.
  8. Tap the Enter button and complete the wireless setup in your Brother printer.
how to set up brother wireless printer

Brief Description to Set the Brother Wireless Printer

Obtain the network name and password of a router or an access point. The passkey is provided in the manual provided with the router. You can also find the password on your computer. Carry out the upcoming instructions to find the password on your Windows computer and How to set up Brother wireless printer.

Go the Network Connection on your computer. Right-click on the Wireless Network Connection feature and select Properties. Go to the Wireless Network tab and tick the checkbox of Use Windows To Configure My Wireless Network Settings. Highlight the network name of your router and select Properties. Note the details in the fields of Network Authentication and Data Encryption that displays on the screen and click the OK button.

Follow the forthcoming steps to find the network name and password on a Mac device. Go to Utilities and select Keychain Access. Tap All Items and select the Network name in the list. Double-click on the SSID option under Name. Go to the Attributes tab, tick the checkbox of Show Password. Provide the Passkey in the dialog box and hit OK. Note the password and complete the setup.

Now connect your printer to the network of a router or an access point. Attach one end of the supplied power cable to the appropriate port of your printer and the other end to an electrical outlet. Power up the printer by force pressing its power button. Carry out the following steps for connection using the control panel of the printer. Tap Menu and select the network name.

Hit the OK button. Touch WLAN –> Setup Wizard. Now the printer displays a list of SSIDs that are available. Select the SSID of your router and press OK. Provide the network key and continue.

Follow the upcoming steps to connect your printer using its touchscreen. Go to Settings and select All Settings. Tap Network –> WLAN –> Setup Wizard.

Go through the guidelines on the screen and complete the setup. If the printer is linked successfully, the screen displays as Connected. Also, the printer prints the wireless status report. You can check the status of the network connection in the report. If the connection fails, an error code displays on the screen. And retry the procedure for successful How to set up Brother wireless printer.

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