see if the printer is connected

See If The Printer Is Connected

To see if the printer is connected to the network, try to print a network configuration page and check the network Connectivity. Ensure that you had placed your router closer to the printer. Check and confirm that the printer’s IP address matches with the router’s IP address.

How To See If The Printer Connected To The Network?

  1. Turn on your router and enable Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Connect your printer to the wireless network.
  3. Check the Ethernet cable connection if using a wired network connection.
  4. Check and match the network name on the router and in configuration area.
  5. Match the router IP address with the printer IP address.
  6. Print the Wireless Network Report or the Network configuration page to check the connectivity status.
  7. Make sure that security software is not blocking the network connection.
  8. Confirm that you added printer’s MAC address in the filter list.
see if the printer is connected

Steps To Check The Network Connection On Your Printer

To check and see if the printer is connected, take the first step to connect your printer firmly to a power source connected using the power cord. Press the power button and turn on the printer. Turn on your router and connect to broadband or other services which provide fast and secure internet connection.

If you are connected using a wired Ethernet connection, make sure that you are not using telephone cable instead of Ethernet cable. Remove the protective covers from the Ethernet port and connect the cable. Do not use any USB hub or docking station to connect the Ethernet cable because it may not work well.

Check and ensure that all the switches, access points, hubs, and other connecting devices are active. If the router is turned on and the network connection is active, connect the printer to the Wi-Fi connection. Make sure that the indicator indicates the active internet connection is glowing.

If the Wi-Fi light is not lit then check the network name on the router and the SSID on the configuration and confirm both are same. Similarly update the network password on the configuration area, if you had changed the router password to see if the printer is connected.

Place the router with the range of Wi-Fi connection and ensure that your printer and computer access the full network range. If you are using MAC address filtering on your network, then make sure that you have to add your printer’s MAC address in the MAC address filter list which will allow your printer to connect to the network.

After setting up all the connection, check the network connection by printing a Network Configuration page or Wireless Network Test report. To print the report place some blank sheets on the input tray. If you connected to the network, the in the report it will be mentioned as pass in the connectivity area. If you are not connected, then the connectivity status will be indicated as Fail.

If the connection failed, try to connect the network by disabling the security software. Because sometimes the security software may block the network connection. If the connection issue continues, try to reconfigure the network connection or try to reset the network connection. If you are using a wired connection, use a different Ethernet cable to set up the network connection and when using connect the USB network connection connect it only when it is prompted to connect the USB cable to see if the printer is connected.

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