How To Scan On The HP Envy 6455e Printer

How To Scan On The HP ENVY 6455e Printer? Easy Ways

Do you want to save all your important documents in hard copy in a digital format? Are you looking for a convenient, secure, environmentally friendly storage method to save all your important documents? If your reply is yes, we prefer you scan and save them. You can scan the documents and save or email them as PDF or JPEG files with any printer or scanner that supports the “Scan To Computer” and “Scan To Email” functions. Scanning and saving or emailing the documents as a PDF or JPEG file is a piece of cake with the HP ENVY 6455e. We will show you how to scan with the HP ENVY 6455e printer in this article.

HP Envy 6455e Scanning

6455e HP – How To Scan : Guide

Most printers that support the scan function come with either a physical scan button on their control panel or a scan menu on their menu screen. However, there is no physical scan button and no Scan menu on the HP Envy 6455e printer’s control panel. So, you might be wondering how to initiate the scan job. Well, you can initiate the scan job from your computer or smartphone using the HP printer software, HP Easy Scan, or the HP Smart app. Don’t worry if you’re new to printers or wonder how to scan with this printer. We have outlined the detailed process for how to scan with the HP Envy 6455e printer in the section below. Are you reading? Let’s get started.

First Things First

An error or a problem can occur at any time when working with the printer. However, you can avoid them by preparing the printer for your printer-related needs. Here, we will see how to set up your printer for scanning.

  • Primarily, you must ensure one thing. That is, your printer is powered on, its hardware and software setup is done, and it is connected to your computer.
  • Using an outdated or incompatible scanner driver can result in a variety of scan issues. So, ensure that the latest and most compatible scanner driver is installed on your computer. If you’re using the HP Smart app, update it.
  • Loading the original is also critical for a smooth scanning experience.
  • Are you looking to save the scanned original on your computer? Yes? Then, check and enable the “Scan to Computer” feature on your printer. Need assistance in doing it? If so, refer to the instructions given under this page’s Enabling “Scan to Computer” section.

Where Can I Take A Document To Be Scanned?

  • The HP Envy 6455e printer includes a scanner glass as well as an auto document feeder.
  • Now, if you want to scan only one page of the document or an image, use the scanner glass to load the original.
  • Load all the pages of the document in the document feeder if you want to scan more than one page simultaneously.

How To Load Originals On The Scanner Glass And In The Document Feeder

  • On the scanner glass, raise the printer’s scanner lid. Check to ensure that the scanner’s glass is clean. This is very important. Now, get the original to be scanned and place it with its print side facing down, aligned with the top-left corner, as shown in the image below. After loading the paper properly, close the lid.
  • HP Envy 6455e Scan
  • In the document feeder, first, slide the paper-width guides outward. Remember to do this as slowly as possible. Now, get the documents and load them with their print side facing up. Refer to the image below for references. Avoid overloading the feeder.
  • HP Envy Pro 6455 Scan To Email

All right there? We hope you have loaded the original you want to scan correctly on your printer by referring to the instructions above.

Enabling “Scan To Computer”

Have you connected your printer to the computer using the USB connection? If yes, the “Scan To Computer” is enabled. You’ll have to enable this feature manually if you use a network connection. Take it easy because you can enable the feature in less than a minute. Follow the instructions below for more details.

In Windows

  • Open the HP Envy 6455e printer software installed on your Windows computer.
  • Click on the Print & Scan menu. Proceed to the Scan section. You will find the “Manage Scan to Computer” option. Click on it.
  • Now, the Scan to Computer dialog box will open. What do you see? The “Scan to Computer is disabled” message with the Enable button, right?
  • Click on the “Enable” button. That’s it. The Scan to Computer feature will be enabled on your printer now.
  • HP Envy 6455e Photo Scanning

On Mac

  • Open the HP Easy Scan software on your Mac computer.
  • Choose your HP Envy printer under the DEVICES section. Go to the Scan to Computer section now.
  • Here, you will find the “Enable Scan to Computer” option. Click the checkbox beside “Enable Scan to Computer” to turn it on.
  • Once the feature is enabled, the “Scan to Computer” section will appear.
  • hp envy printer scan to email

HP ENVY 6455e Scan To Computer

Do you want to save the scanned copy on a computer (to which you have connected and installed the printer)? If so, this section is for you. In the section below, we explain how to scan and save the original to a Windows or Mac computer using the printer software and the HP Easy Scan software. Pick your choice and follow the instructions given below it for an easy, fast, and smooth scanning experience.

In Windows

  • Open the HP Envy 6455e printer software.
  • Click “Print & Scan”> “Scan”> “Scan a Document or Photo.”
  • What do you see? The scan settings screen has opened, right?
  • Here, choose Save as PDF (for documents) or Save as JPEG (for images). Have you done it? If yes, the section based on your selection will show up on the screen.
  • For example, consider that you have selected Save as PDF. The Save as PDF section will display on the screen.
  • Here, you can set the scan size, output type, resolution, file type, etc., as per your preferences. If you want to make advanced settings, click on the Advanced Settings command line and configure the scan settings per your preferences.
  • Once you’re done with the configuration, click Scan. Can you hear any noise from the printer? Yes? That means the printer has started scanning the original(s) that are on its scanner glass or in the document feeder.
  • Hang tight for the printer to scan the original.
  • Once the scanning is done, the Scan Completed pop-up dialog box will open.
  • Click Save to save the scanned copy of the original to your computer. It is that simple.
Envy 6455e Scan

On Mac

  • Begin by opening the HP Easy Scan software.
  • We believe that the HP Easy Scan software screen is open on your computer, as shown in the image below.
  • Now, check if your printer is selected. No? It’s alright. You can choose your HP Envy 6455e printer from the scanner drop-down menu. Have you done it?
  • Then, choose the scan type from the Presets drop-down menu.
  • Are you looking to scan and save multi-page documents as a single PDF file? Then, you must configure the scan settings for it. Don’t worry. Follow the instructions below to do it in no time.
  • Choose The Scan Type
  • Choose the Edit Settings option from the Presets menu.
  • Now, the pop-up dialog box will open.
  • Here, choose Document from the Type drop-down menu and the Document Feeder option from the Source drop-down menu.
  • Locate the Scan both sides of the page option in the same box and click the checkbox beside it.
  • After you’ve completed these steps, adjust the other scan settings to your liking and click Done > Scan.
  • 6455e HP Printer

Has the printer started scanning your document? Yes? That’s awesome! Congratulation on scanning and saving the document from the HP ENVY 6455e to your computer.

HP ENVY Printer Scan To Email

We saw how to scan using the HP Envy 6455e and save the scanned document to a computer in the previous section. Here, we will see how to “scan to email” with this printer. Scanning to email is a piece of cake. You can use the HP printer software for Windows, the HP Easy Scan app for Mac, or the HP Smart app for it. All the methods are straightforward. If you want to initiate the “scan to email” operation effortlessly and quickly from your computer, using the HP Smart app is best. We have outlined the detailed process of how to “scan to email” with the HP Envy 6455e using the HP Smart app in the section below. So, why wait? Let’s get started.

Using The HP Smart App

  • Launch the HP Smart app on your Windows or Mac computer.
  • Do you find the “Add your first printer” message with the “Add Printer” button on the app’s main screen? If yes, that means your printer wants to be set up on your computer. Click on the Add Printer button to set up your printer now.
  • Once the printer is set up, click on the Scan tab on the app’s main screen. Are you doing well? Yes? Keep going; you’re almost there.
  • HP Envy 6455e Scan To Email
  • Now, the HP Smart-Scan screen, as shown in the image below, will open.
  • HP Envy 6455e Scan To Email
  • Scanner: Do you want to scan the original that is placed on the printer’s scanner glass? If so, click on the Scanner tab and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Import: You can choose this tab if you want to scan the original that is saved in your computer’s folder. Perform the prompts to scan the original.
  • Camera: Would you like to use your computer’s built-in camera for scanning? Then, click on this tab and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Once you have scanned the original, the Preview window with a thumbnail of the scanned documents will open.
  • A list of options will also appear in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Locate the Share icon and click on it. Now, the Share dialog box will open. Is the box open? Yes? Then, choose the Mail option to email the scanned document to the recipient listed in your preferences.
  • HOw To Scan With Smartphone

You did it. Good Job!

How To Scan Using Android Or iOS Device

Not only from your Windows or Mac computer but also from an Android or iOS device, you can scan a document with the HP ENVY 6455e using the HP Smart app. Before we kick-start, ensure that you have prepared your printer for scanning. Also, you have installed the HP Smart app and installed the printer on your smartphone using it. If you are all set, begin scanning by following the instructions below.

  • Launch the HP Smart app on your smartphone.
  • Is your printer’s name displayed on the screen? No? That’s alight. Tap on the Plus button or the Add Your First Printer command to select or install your printer.
  • After doing that, tap on the Camera Scan option on the app’s main screen if you wish to use your smartphone’s camera for scanning.
  • Or else, tap Scan. Now, the screen will open based on your selection.
  • If you have selected the Camera option, your smartphone’s default camera will open.
  • Place the original you want to scan on a flat surface. Have you done it? If so, select Photo or Document and then tap the circle icon. Now, the printer will start scanning.
  • Once the scanning is done, the preview window will open. Here, you can edit, replace, delete, save, print, share, save, mobile fax, etc., the scanned document.
How Do You Scan On Your Phone

Use Webscan To Scan

Do you want to scan an original remotely from your smartphone or computer to the HP Envy 6455e printer? Are you looking to perform scanning on your printer without using the printer software or the HP Smart app? Then, go for this feature. Webscan is an awesome feature that enables you to scan an original from a smartphone or computer using a web browser. However, it offers only basic scanning options. Before you start scanning, check if Webscan is enabled on your printer. If not, kindly enable it. You can only check and enable this feature from the printer’s EWS page. We have explained everything about it in the section below. Read it and utilize it properly.

Enabling Webscan

You can check and enable the Webscan feature on your printer in three simple steps.

  • #1: Open the printer’s EWS page. You can do this through a network (Wi-Fi Direct) or from the HP Smart app. Need further assistance? Then, kindly reach out to us by clicking the toll-free button provided on the page.
  • #2 Go to the Scan tab on your printer’s EWS page. The “Scan to Computer” option is in the left panel. Expand it by clicking the plus sign beside it. The Webscan option will show up. Click on it. You can confirm that Webscan is disabled if you see a stop sign on the screen, as shown in the image below.
  • How To Scan With Smartphone & Webscan
  • #3 Click on the Settings tab and navigate to the Security section. Here, expand the Administrator Settings option and scroll through it until you see the “Webscan from EWS” option. Have you found it? If yes, click the checkbox beside it, followed by the Apply button.
  • How To Scan Documents With Phone

Congratulations! You have enabled the Webscan feature successfully on your HP Envy 6455e printer. Now, let’s see how to scan with it.

Using Webscan To Scan On An HP Envy 6455e

  • Begin by loading the original to be scanned on your printer.
  • Go to the Scan tab on your printer’s EWS page.
  • Expand the Scan to Computer section and click on the Webscan option.
  • Now, the screen that looks like the one below will open if the Webscan feature is enabled on your printer.
  • Set the scan settings as per your liking and click “Start Scan.”
Set The Scan Settings

The HP Envy 6455e printer will scan your originals and save them to the selected destination. It is that simple.

Get Instant Support

Have you learned how to scan on the HP ENVY 6455e? Yes? Perfect! We have explained in detail how to scan a document and save or email it using the printer in this article. Did you find this article useful? If yes, share it with your friends, family, or anyone who is looking for the right way to use the scan function on the HP Envy 6455e printer or other printers in the HP Envy 6450 series. Do you need instant support when scanning an original with this HP Envy printer? If yes, give us a call. Our technical expert will reach you as soon as possible and assist you further.

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