how to scan on brother printer

How to Scan on Brother Printer

The scan process is performed using the scanner device. The images and texts are converted into graphical formats by the scanner. You can carry out the scan in various types. The file to be scanned can be loaded in the glass or ADF, which helps on how to scan on brother printer.

Easy Steps on How to Scan Using the Brother Printer

  1. Load your document in the scanner glass or ADF.
  2. Press the Scan button on your Brother printer’s control panel.
  3. Tap the Up or Down arrow button and click Scan to PC.
  4. Press the OK button and make use of the arrow keys to select the File menu.
  5. Click the OK option and select the name of your computer.
  6. Change the settings for your scan job if required.
  7. Touch the Start button to initiate the scan.
  8. Follow the LCD prompts to complete the process.
how to how to scan on brother printer

Solutions on How to Scan Using the Brother Printer

Scan multiple pages as a single document using Feeder: Click the Start button on your computer and type brother in the search field. Double-click the Control Panel icon that is available in the system tray. Choose the Configuration option and click Scan. Select File as the type of scan to open the Scan to Configuration menu for how to scan on brother printer.

Navigate to the Device Button menu and click the PDF option. Load the entire document into the Automatic Document Feeder and press the Scan button on your Brother printer. Select File and press the OK button. Tap the Start option to scan into a single file.

Scan multiple pages using the scanner glass: Raise the document cover on your Brother printer. Load the first page facing down onto the scanner glass and close the cover. Choose the Start icon on your computer and enter ScanSoft in the search bar. Click PaperPort and select your Brother printer.

Choose a profile such as Black & White document and select the Scan option. Remove the first page from the scanner glass and load the second page into it. Close the lid and select the Scan More Pages option. After the scan process is complete, choose the Done button.

Scan and save a file in PDF format: The steps on how to save the scanned file in the Windows or Mac OS varies and hence, perform the same based upon your device. Windows: Choose the Windows logo on your computer. Click All Programs -> Brother Utilities. Choose Scan -> Control Center.

Select Device Settings and click the Device Scan Settings option. The Device Scan Settings window opens, click the File tab. Choose PDF in the File Type menu and configure the required settings. Choose the OK button. Mac: Click the Go option from the Finder menu on your Mac device. Choose Applications and select your Brother printer.

Double-click the ControlCenter icon. Press the Ctrl button on your keyboard. Click File and choose the Device tab. Select PDF as the file format from the File Type menu. Load your document in the glass or ADF. Select Scan to PC -> OK -> File -> OK. Choose the destination computer and click OK. Alter the necessary scan settings and press the Start button, to help on how to scan on brother printer.

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