how to scan on Epson printer

How to scan on Epson printer

Epson printers support the scan function. You can use the printer that is very easily compatible with your system and its operating system. You can scan your documents in the PDF format. Go through the instructions on How to scan on Epson printer mentioned below to start the scanning process.

Use the steps below to scan on Epson printer

  1. Switch on your printer and system by using the Power button.
  2. Install the printer driver on the system.
  3. Link the printer and the system using a USB cable.
  4. Raise the scanner lid.
  5. Load the original document with the printed side facing down on the scanner glass.
  6. Close the lid.
  7. Press Scan to start the scanning process.
how to scan on Epson printer

How to scan on Epson printer using the steps below

Locate the Power button on the printer’s control panel. Press on it to turn on your printer and system. Open the scanner lid. Do not keep heavy objects on the scanner glass. Wipe the dust on it to improve the print quality on How to scan on Epson printer.

Position the document with the printed side down on the scanner glass and align them along the engraved guides. After loading the paper, close the lid. Press the Scan to PDF option. View the Scan to PDF window.

Select the Settings icon. Choose the Scan to PDF Settings option. Click Color, GrayScale or Black and White icon that is similar to the color original document. Use the arrows to open the Size list and choose the size of the original.

If you wish to see a size list, create a custom size. Use the arrows in the Size list. Click Customize. Choose the custom size name. Select Save-> OK. View the new size appears in the size list. Use the arrow adjacent to the Resolution list.

Make the settings in the Image Adjustments area for a better image quality if necessary.

Open Epson Scan. Check if the Epson Scan is in the Professional Mode. Modify the mode if it is not set to the Professional mode. Use the arrow in the Mode box on the top corner of the Epson Scan window.

Choose the Professional Mode option from the drop-down menu. Select Preview to view the image. Choose the scan area from the Preview window. Select File Save Settings if you are ready to scan. View the File Save Settings window displays.

Select PDF under the Type setting. Click the Paper Size, Orientation, Margin and Compression settings options are displayed on it. Select the Options icon if you wish to change current PDF settings. Click the Settings icon and select OK. After the settings are appropriate, click OK. Select Scan.

The page will be scanned. Select the Add Page icon if you are scanning multiple pages. Replace it with a new one and select Scan. Select the Save File option when the process completed. All the document pages are stored in the PDF file in the location. Use the Editing Page window to choose, rotate or delete the pages of your document which helps to complete on How to scan on Epson printer.

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