How To Scan A Document On Hp Envy 5070

How To Scan A Document To Computer On HP Envy 5070

HP Envy 5070 is an All-in-One printer that supports wireless connectivity, and so you can quickly connect any wireless device to your printer using WPS or Wi-Fi Direct. If you would like to know how to scan a document to computer on HP Envy 5070 printer, keep reading the instructions below.

How To Scan A Document On HP Envy 5070

Steps to scan a document on HP Envy 5070 to Windows and Mac computer

Scanning To A Windows Computer:

  1. Before starting, verify that you have completed the basic printer settings.
  2. Make sure that you have properly connected your printer to the Windows computer.
  3. Open the scanner lid of your HP Envy 5070 printer and place the original document you wish to scan on the scanner glass. 
  4. On your Windows computer, check whether you have properly installed the full-featured printer driver package.
  5. Click the Start menu and search for HP .
  6. From the search result, click on your printer to launch the HP Printer Assistant .
  7. Go to the Scan tab in the HP Printer Assistant  window and click on Scan a Document or Photo . Doing so will open the HP Scan
  8. Choose a task and click the Scan button under the Scan Shortcuts
  9. Navigate to the right side of the window, and set your scan preferences such as source, paper size, image type, paper sides, and destination.
  10. Make sure to select the Show Viewer After Scan checkbox if you are scanning multiple pages.
  11. Click Scan in the HP Scan  window to start scanning your document.
  12. When you see a pop-up dialog box, click Add Pages to scan the next page (if necessary) and place your document on the scanner glass.
  13. When you finish scanning all your documents, click Save to save the scanned copies to the selected destination on your computer.


Scanning To A Mac Computer

  1. Ensure that you have properly installed the HP Easy Scan software on your Mac.
  2. Verify that you have firmly connected the USB cable between your Mac and the HP Envy 5070 printer.
  3. Launch the HP Easy Scan tool on your Mac and select your printer’s name from the Scanner  drop-down menu.
  4. Set your scan preferences in the HP Easy Scan window and select the Scan both sides of page  checkbox if you want to scan both sides of a
  5. Click Done and return to your computer.
  6. Place the original document you wish to scan on the scanner glass and return to the HP Easy Scan
  7. Click Scan and wait until your first page is scanned.
  8. For double-sided scanning, click the Add icon at the bottom of the bar and flip the next side of the document on the scanner glass.
  9. Click Edit in the HP Easy Scan  window to adjust the scan settings and click Send  > Folder .
  10. Select a name, destination, file format, and the required settings to save your scanned document. 
  11. Make sure to select the Save all items to a single file checkbox and click Save .
  12. You have now learned how to scan a document on HP Envy 5070.

If you have any difficulties with HP Envy 5070 printer, contact our technical support team.

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