How To Scan A Document On A Canon Printer

The Canon printers that are released recently consists of a built-in scanner. You can scan the documents and photos using the Canon Printers. The whole Scanning process will take only a few minutes. You will need certain drivers installed the computer to perform Scanning by how to scan a document on a canon printer document.

How To Scan A Document Or Photo Using Canon Printer

  1. Connect the Canon Printer to the power supply and Turn On the printer.
  2. Check if all the drivers are installed in your Canon printer.
  3. Place the original document or photo on top of the Scanner glass.
  4. Link your printer and computer by either Wireless or Wired connection.
  5. Select the Scan option and then click onto your printer model name.
  6. Save the scanned document with the desired name.
  7. Click Ok and Save the file.
  8. Check the scanned file saved in the designated folder.
how to scan a document on a canon printer

Scanning A Document Using The All In One Canon Printer To Computer

The Canon Printer has the in-built Scan function. Turn On the printer with the Power button present in the Printer Control panel. Make sure that the printer is connected to the USB power cable. Before beginning the process of Scanning in the Canon printer, install all the required drivers and know how to scan a document on a canon printer.

Switch ON the Canon printer. Place the original document or Photo in the Scanner glass. The print-side must be placed facing the Scanner glass. Close the lid of the Scanner glass. In the Canon printer Control panel, you will notice a Scan menu. Press the Scan menu. The printer starts Scanning the document.

The Scanned document will pop-up on your computer screen as soon as you select Scan. The scanned document can be edited such as you can crop or adjust the pixel resolution. After performing the necessary adjustments, name the scanned document. Click Ok and you can save the scanned document in any designated folder accordingly.

The Scanning function can also be performed on Windows. Open the Start menu on your computer. Search for the Windows Fax and Scan option. Go to the Windows Fax and Scan menu. Select New Scan menu which is present in the top left corner of your Fax and Scan window.

In the Windows Fax and Scan menu, make sure that you select your Canon printer model. Click the type of document in the drop-down menu. Select whether you want color or black and white copy. The scanned document is saved in the required format. Click Preview to view the scanned document.

The Preview of the Scanned copy will appear on your screen. If you notice any error in the scanned document, you can edit your document. Select Scan and the Canon printer will begin scanning the document. The scanned document can be saved in any required folder by clicking the Save menu.

The documents can be scanned using the Canon printer on your Mac computer. Go to the System Preferences in the Apple Finder menu. Search for Printers and Scanners. Select your Canon printer model and click Scan. The document will appear on your printer and save the file in the required location, which successfully return on how to scan a document on a canon printer.

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