How to run printer troubleshooter

How to run printer troubleshooter

A printer can be troubleshooted by performing certain kind of operations. By doing these operations, the printer’s issues can be resolved by How to run printer troubleshooter. Some of the common printer issues that occur with HP Printer are Printer Offline issue, ink cartridge issue and driver installation problems.

How to solve the printer issues by troubleshooting it?

  1. Download the HP Print and Scan Doctor application from our website.
  2. Make sure that you download the version that suits your OS.
  3. Install the application on your computer and open it.
  4. Select Fix Printing option after opening the main page of the application.
  5. Make sure that you choose the printer and connect it.
  6. Wait until the printer starts scanning for the list of errors in the printer.
  7. Select the error to know the cause.
  8. If the error is fixable, the printer solves the How to run printer troubleshooter issue by itself.
How to run printer troubleshooter

How to solve printer error if it goes offline?

A printer might go offline due to connectivity issues in it. The connectivity issue might arise due to various problems such as an unstable internet connection, improper connection, wireless device failure, wireless device range issues and so on for How to run printer troubleshooter. The problem can be resolved by re-establishing the connection between your printer and computer using certain steps.

An Offline Printer issue occurs as a result of connectivity errors. Please follow these instructions to resolve the issue on your Windows computer or laptop.

Turn ON your printer. Open our website from your web browser and search for the HP Print and Scan Doctor application. Get the .exe application on your Windows computer by clicking the Download option next to it.

Install the application on your computer and Run it. Choose the Start option in the initial screen. Select your HP printer from the list in the next step. Restart your HP printer if not shown and follow the on-screen instructions.

Select the Fix Printing option to diagnose and fix the error automatically. If this automatic resolve tool does not fix the issue of run printer troubleshooter, try resetting and restarting your HP printer’s settings. Take the printer to an HP Service Center if, the problem stays unresolved after following these steps.

How to resolve offline issue in Mac :

The HP printer shows an Offline error as a result of the issues in connectivity with your device or with the network access point. Go by this procedure to resolve the problem on your printer connected to a Mac.

Remove and connect the USB cable from the printer after performing a Printer Restart, in-case of a USB connection. Restart the printer and router in-case of a wireless connection.

Click on an Apple icon displayed then select System Preferences. See if the run printer troubleshooter issue is resolved by examining the Print Queue whether it shows that the printer is connected to the network or not.

Reset the printer by plugging off the power cord and re-plugging it after 60 seconds. Check if there are multiple printers on your Printers & Scanners list. If yes, remove and re-establish the printer connection. Set your HP printer as a Default printer then try again. Delete all the documents from the current print queue.

Reset the printing system by selecting the Reset option in the Printer List dialog box. Try connecting your printer to a different computer. If the device works, reset your Mac settings and complete How to run printer troubleshooter query.

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