how to reset lexmark toner chip

How To Reset Lexmark Toner Chip

The toner levels must be reset after a new cartridge is installed on the Lexmark printer. The chip must be reset to fix the low toner or a similar error message that appears on the touch panel of the Lexmark printer. The procedure on how to reset Lexmark toner chip is given on this website. Before you reset the chip, make sure that they are compatible with the Lexmark printer. The firmware must be up to date.

Steps On How To Reset The Toner Chip In The Lexmark Printer

  1. Make sure that the new toner cartridge is installed into the correct slot.
  2. Check if the code level is sufficient to perform a manual reset process and view the Manual Settings page.
  3. Upgrade the printer code and if needed and update the firmware of your Lexmark printer.
  4. Keep your Lexmark printer in the newly configured state.
  5. Tap the Menu icon on the printer’s touch panel and then touch the Reset Toner Lvl button.
  6. Press the Select button and tap Menu, and then choose the cartridge. Now reset the toner level.
  7. Start the reset process by choosing the Select option.
  8. Wait for the process to complete and then reset the toner levels for the other cartridges.
how to reset lexmark toner chip

Instructions On How To Reset Lexmark Printer’s Toner Chip

Step 1: Ensure that the newly placed cartridge is seated into the printer firmly. To carry out a manual for how to reset Lexmark toner chip, access the Menu Settings page. Tap the Menu button on the Lexmark printer’s operator panel until the Tests Menu appears on the screen.

Step 2: Open the Settings page by choosing the Select button twice. Find the base code under the Printer Information tab on the lower right corner of the window. To do a manual reset of the toner levels, the value of the base code must be 803.04.

Step 3: If you want to upgrade the printer code, go to the firmware download website. Start the download by using 80406 as the keycode. To send the data to your Lexmark printer, extract and run the downloaded file. Update the network printer and verify if the code is updated correctly by printing the Menu Settings page again.

Step 4: Now, reset the toner level. Place the printer in the newly configured mode. Tap the Menu button continuously until the Reset Toner Lvl option appears on the operator panel of the printer. Tap the Select button, then press Menu, and then select the cartridge to reset the toner levels.

Step 5: After the correct cartridge displays on the screen with a Reset message, begin the process of how to reset Lexmark toner chip by tapping Select. Before the printer returns to the original state, a Resetting Toner message appears on the panel.

Step 6: Activate the changes by turning Off the printer and then power it back on. To check if the reset toner levels process was done correctly, print the Menu Settings report again. If the toner levels did not reset, print a Color Samples report on the Tests Menu.

Step 7: Try to print the Menu Settings report again. If the reset fails, power Off your Lexmark printer. After fifty seconds, switch On the Lexmark printer. Long press and hold the Go button until the Performing Self Test message appears on the screen.

Step 8: Continue to press the Menu button until the Reset Toners window opens on the panel. Choose Select, then tap the Menu button, and then touch the Select button again. Power Off your Lexmark printer and switch On the device.

Step 9: Run a Color Samples report. Ensure that the Lexmark printer is ready. Choose Menu until a Test Menu window appears on the screen.

Step 10: Tap Select -> Menu and the Color Samples window opens on the display. Check your toner levels to confirm the process of how to reset Lexmark toner chip is complete.

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