how to reset lexmark ink cartridge chip

How To Reset Lexmark Ink Cartridge Chip

To reset the Lexmark ink cartridge chip, you can select any one of the reset techniques listed below. A smart chip which tells the computer when the ink cartridge is low or empty is present in the Lexmark printer. If the chip continues to tell the computer that it is empty or low ever after refilling the cartridges, then there is a fault with the cartridge chip. You can reset the ink cartridge easily. Go with the instructions given below for how to reset Lexmark ink cartridge chip.

Quick Steps To Reset The Lexmark Ink Cartridge Chip

  1. Power off the Lexmark printer and take the power cord out of it.
  2. Purchase a refill kit online.
  3. Hold the Ready and Return buttons, while turning on the printer.
  4. Grasp the keys until you see the Performing Self Test option on the printer display.
  5. Enter the Diagnostics Mode menu and select the Maintenance Count option.
  6. Choose the Reset option. By doing this, the ink level will be reset, and you will stop receiving the Low Ink message on your printer’s display.
  7. Push the Return button to go back to the Diagnostics Mode menu.
  8. Perform a normal print job to check the printer status.
how to reset lexmark ink cartridge chip

Read Below To Know How To Reset Lexmark Ink Cartridge Chip

Step 1: You can reset the ink cartridge using the Lexmark software. It is the easiest way to reset the chip and it takes the least amount of time. To reset the chip through software, follow the guided instructions given here.

Step 2: Load the Lexmark Solution Center on your operating system. Depending on your brand of Lexmark printer, it may vary and you can use the Printer Solution Center for it. As soon as the program opens, click the Maintenance tab and then select the Install New Print Cartridge button.

Step 3: This software detects new devices as it moves through various screens. Click Next, throughout all the pages until you reach the Print Alignment page. Test the alignment page, refill the ink cartridge, and then reset the chip.

Step 4: After doing this, the computer should show a full cartridge level. The software reset works only in specific Lexmark printers. If the software reset is not supported by your printer, then try a hardware reset. In this method, the user has to navigate the menu on the printer itself to continue the process of how to reset Lexmark ink cartridge chip.

Step 5: On your Lexmark printer, press and hold the Cancel button for at least five seconds. Release the Cancel button after five seconds. All the notification lights will blink twice, wait until they stop blinking.

Step 6: The printer reboots and the On (blue) light will return. Now that the hardware is reset done, you can perform printing normally. Likewise, you can reset the ink cartridge of the Lexmark printer by using the Power & Cancel buttons, Printer menu, and Chip Resetter.

Step 7: The Cancel button can reset some of the Lexmark printers cartridge chip. Press and hold the Stop or Cancel button for ten seconds. This will reboot the printer’s count system and makes the printer recognize the new chip.

Step 8: If you wish to reset the ink cartridge using the Power button, then go with the instructions given here. Power on the printer, raise top cover of it and remove the ink cartridge. Now, power off the printer while leaving the top cover open.

Step 9: Turn on the printer, after powering it off for 60 seconds, and wait until it reboots completely. Repeat the above action for five times. This needs to be done because few Lexmark printer cartridges have a serial number on them, and rebooting the device erases this memory.

Step 10: The serial number gets replaced each time the printer reboots. Once the process of how to reset Lexmark ink cartridge chip is complete, install the refilled cartridge, and the printer will consider it as a new one.

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