How To Reset Epson L3116 Printer?

The Epson L3116 printer is a multifunction ink tank machine. This Epson printer is engineered in a perfect way to bring down costs and help in boosting productivity at your home or office. The printer is known more for its high yield of 7,500 and 4,500 prints in color and black.

There are chances that your Epson L3116 printer goes into some hardware trouble. Despite the various methods to troubleshoot different problems, there is one method that can prove to be useful for you. Yes, the best solution is to reset the Epson L3116 printer. A simple reset will get rid of significant issues in an instant, and it won’t take up a lot of time as you think it would. Instead of the standard way to reset the printer, you can utilize a software called Resetter Tool that will come in handy. This will help you reset the Epson L3116 printer in no time. Without much further ado, take a look at the steps to reset the Epson printer.

How To Reset Epson L3116 Printer
  1. Open the default browser on your computer.
  2. Ensure that the Epson L3116 printer is connected to the computer.
  3. Click the search bar and look for the Resetter Tool for the Epson printer.
  4. Download the Resetter Tool.
  5. The process will be complete in a short while, and the tool will be downloaded in the .zip format.
  6. Perform a right-click on the file and extract the contents.
  7. Run the utility program and follow the commands on the screen.
  1. Ensure that the printer is properly connected.
  2. Select the Epson L3116 printer from the list.
  3. In the Maintenance section, select Waste Pad Counter and press the OK button.
  4. Click the Check button.
  5. Choose the Initialization button to check the waste ink pad counter.
  6. Turn off the Epson L3116 printer.
  7. Press the OK button on the Resetter tool.
  8. Turn on your printer.
  9. You will now be free from whatever issue you were facing with the Epson L3116 printer.

To know how to reset the Epson L3116 printer, follow the steps described in this article.

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