How to Reset Canon MG 3060 Printer

How to Reset Canon MG 3060 Printer? [Simple]

On this page, we’ve explained the ways for how to reset Canon MG 3060 printer. If your printer displays any kind of error on its panel or is not working appropriately, you can opt for the factory reset option.

By resetting the Canon MG 3060 printer, the printer turns into a new one. You need to re-configure the printer with new network settings to turn it active. But do remember that resetting your Canon printer to factory default settings is the last resort when it comes to troubleshooting. Simultaneously, some errors like a paper jam or ink jam cannot be resolved by resetting your printer. Understand the error and the reason behind its occurrence and then proceed to reset your printer.

How to Reset Canon MG 3060 Printer?


  1. Press and hold the Resume/Cancel/Stop button until the alarm lamp on the printer flashes 19 times.
  2. Release the button after that.
  3. The printer will automatically begin to reset back to the factory default settings.
  4. The error on your Canon MG printer will be resolved by now. You can now set up Wi-Fi either using WPS or the standard connection method on your printer.


  1. Stop all the printing jobs on your Canon printer.
  2. Turn off the printer and unplug the machine from its power source.
  3. Keep the printer idle for three to five minutes.
  4. Now, plug the printer into the power outlet and turn it on.
  5. Your printer resets automatically. Check whether the errors on your Canon printer are resolved.

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