how to reset a lexmark ink cartridge

How To Reset A Lexmark Ink Cartridge

To reset a Lexmark ink cartridge, all you need is to to use the Lexmark software. The Lexmark software is available in the manufacture’s site. If you don’t reset the memory component of the ink cartridge after installing a new cartridge on your printer, then the printer will show an error message. It is better to reset the ink cartridge of your Lexmark printer. Follow the instructions given below on how to reset a Lexmark ink cartridge.

Check Out The Quick Steps To Reset The Lexmark Ink Cartridge

  1. Power off the printer, and unlink the power cord.
  2. Gently press and hold the Cancel button on the printer.
  3. Plug in the power cord and activate the printer.
  4. Check the ink levels on the printer to verify that the printer reset is done properly.
  5. Click the Start menu on the taskbar, select All programs, and scroll the Lexmark heading.
  6. Tap Printer Solution Center, select Maintenance, and click Install a new printer cartridge option.
  7. Click the Next button, and wait for print the Alignment screen to be printed.
  8. Tap the Print button to complete the reset. Now close the opened dialog box that is open.
how to reset a lexmark ink cartridge

9 Best Steps To Reset A Lexmark Ink Cartridge

Step 1: The ink cartridge reset helps you resolve most of the printer problems. You can reset the Lexmark ink cartridge in many ways. One of the simple ways of how to reset a Lexmark ink cartridge is through the Lexmark software. It is a wise idea to try this method because it takes the least amount of time to perform the reset operation.

Step 2: Load the Printer Solution Center on your computer. Once this program is open, click the Maintenance tab, and then select Install New Printer Cartridge button. Continue to click Next through all the screens until the Print Alignment page appears.

Step 3: After testing the alignment page, reset the ink cartridge, and see if the computer displays a full cartridge at the next time it attempts to print. Another method to reset the ink cartridge is a Hardware Reset. If the software reset does not work correctly in your Lexmark printer then better try a Hardware reset.

Step 4: There are some different methods used for resetting the printer cartridge manually. The first way is by using the Power button. While the printer is on, raise the top cover, and remove the ink cartridge from it. Now power off the printer while leaving the top cover open, let the printer remain turned off for 60 sec, turn it back on, and wait for the printer to boot up.

Step 5: Once it has rebooted, turn off the printer, wait for 60 seconds, and restart it. Do this action five times. After completing how to reset a Lexmark ink cartridge, and the refilled printer cartridge installed, the printer does not recognize it and considers it as a new cartridge.

Step 6: You can use the Cancel or Stop button to reset the Lexmark ink cartridge. Gently press and hold the Stop or Cancel button for 10 seconds. This method will completely reboot the printer, andwill make it believe that the peripheral has received a new printer cartridge.

Step 7: If rebooting the printer does not work, then try resetting the ink cartridge by navigating the printer’s built-in menu system. First tturn off the printer, hold the Return button, the Go, Ready or Select button until the screen displays Performing Self Test, then release the button.

Step 8: As soon as the Menu option appears on the screen, navigate to the maintenance Page Count. Select the Reset option in the Maintenance Page Count. Now the ink cartridge is reset completely. If the printer cannot reset the Lexmark ink cartridge chip, then you can use the Chip Resetter option.

Step 9: The Chip Resetter is a handheld device that completely resets the Lexmark ink cartridge. Chip resetters are legal, and there are a variety of chip resetters available for different models of Lexmark printers and end the procedure of how to reset a Lexmark ink cartridge.

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