how to replace ink cartridge epson

How to replace ink cartridge epson

Monitor the ink levels of your cartridge from the Epson printer’s operation panel or using the printer software. If the ink levels are low, purchase the replacement cartridges that are compatible with the Epson printer. Do not refill the ink cartridges and follow our guide for How to replace ink cartridge epson.

Simple steps on how to change the cartridge in Epson printer

  1. Switch On your Epson printer by pressing its Power button.
  2. Raise the scanner unit on the Epson printer.
  3. Press the Stop button and the cartridge slides to the indicator position.
  4. Squeeze the tab to remove the cartridge from the slot.
  5. Before tearing the package, shake it for about four to five times.
  6. Discard the old cartridge from the package.
  7. Remove the yellow tape from the new cartridge and insert it into the appropriate slot.
  8. Close the scanner unit and then print an alignment page.
how to replace ink cartridge Epson

Instructions on how to replace the cartridges in Epson printer

The ink cartridges must be changed if the level of ink is less or empty. The ink levels can be checked from the control panel of your Epson printer or using the printer software. To verify the status of your ink cartridge, double-click the icon of your Epson printer on the Windows computer for how to replace ink cartridge epson.

The ink levels are displayed on your desktop. Reinstall or replace the ink cartridge that is indicated on the window. If you want to turn Off the low ink reminder, right-click the icon of the Epson printer. Choose the Monitoring Preferences option and then untick the checkbox present next to See Low Ink Reminder alerts.

Obtain the genuine Epson ink cartridges from the Epson Supplies Store or trusted retailers. If you use incompatible cartridges, the print quality might get affected and can lead to damages in the Epson printer. Do not take the used cartridges out until the new cartridges are bought.

Locate and long press the Power button to switch On the Epson printer. Open the scanner unit present in your Epson printer. Ensure that you do not move the cartridges using your hand as it can cause problems in the printing process. Tap the Stop button and the printhead slides the cartridge to the replacement position.

If you want to look for any low or expended cartridges, press the Stop button again. After all the cartridges are identified, the printhead moves to the access area. Twist the tab that is present on the cartridge. Raise the cartridge straight up to remove it from the slot. Carefully dispose of the old ink cartridges.

Shake the new cartridge packing for at least five to six times. Open the cover sand take the new cartridge out. Discard the yellow tape that is present at the side of the cartridge. Keep the new cartridge into the holder. Push the cartridge down until it fixes into place. Close the scanner unit.

To move the printhead to its original position, press the Stop button. The Epson printer starts changing the ink cartridges and it takes about two minutes. The ink replacement process is completed when the Power light on your Epson printer stops flashing and the process of how to replace ink cartridge epson is completed.

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