how to replace epson wf 2650 ink cartridge

How To Replace Epson WF 2650 Ink Cartridge

Epson WF 2650 is a compact, All-in-One printer, that can produce laser-like prints at low costs. The printouts are smudge, fade and water resistant. The genuine replacement ink cartridges can be purchased from the Epson Store or other online services. The procedure for How to Replace Epson WF 2650 Ink Cartridge is given below with 8 short steps and 7 detailed steps.

Simple Steps For Epson WF 2650 Ink Cartridge Replacement

  1. Power on your Epson printer, and wait until the warm-up period completes.
  2. Look for any expended cartridge message on the control panel.
  3. Identify the cartridge to be replaced.
  4. Raise the Scanner unit, and remove the cartridge that you want to replace.
  5. Unwrap the new cartridges, and shake it several times.
  6. Place it into the empty slot.
  7. Locate the Color button on the control panel and press it to make sure the cartridges are correctly installed.
  8. Lower the scanner unit. Wait while the printer primes the ink.
how to replace epson wf 2650 ink cartridge

Detailed Instructions For Replacing Epson WF 2650 Ink Cartridge

For How to Replace Epson WF 2650 Ink Cartridge, buy genuine replacement cartridges from the Epson store. Do not leave the printer open for a long time after removing the existing cartridges. Unpacking the cartridges long before installing it to avoid drying out of the nozzles.

Switch on your Epson printer, and wait until the initialization process completes. You can see a message on your printer’s LCD screen if your cartridge is expended. Find which cartridge is to be replaced, and select OK.

If you are about to replace a cartridge before you the message appears on the LCD screen, and select the Setup option using the up and down arrow buttons. Press the OK button to confirm. Now select the Ink Cartridge(s) Replacement option from the Maintenance menu, and press the Start button for how to replace Epson wf 2650 ink cartridge.

Make sure the document cover is not open. Grip your fingers in the slots on the sides of the printer and then raise the scanner unit. Do not attempt to touch the white cable inside the printer. Squeeze the tab on you want to replace, and lift the cartridge straight up to remove it.

Dispose the used cartridges. Rock it several times to spread the ink evenly, and then unpack the new cartridges. Peel off the yellow-colored tapes on the cartridge and insert it into the holder. Push it into the holder until it clicks into a place. Press the Color button to make sure the cartridges are secured into the holder.

If the printer displays an alert message indicating that the cartridges are incorrectly seated, lift the scanner unit. Slightly press the ink cartridge down, until it snaps into place. Now lower the cartridge cover, and close the scanner unit. Lower the scanner unit.

The product begins priming the ink. Wait for some time until the process How to Replace Epson WF 2650 Ink Cartridge complete. You should see the completion message on the screen. Do not turn off the printer while the priming process is going on to avoid wastage of ink.

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