how to refill lexmark 4 ink cartridges

How To Refill Lexmark 4 Ink Cartridges

To refill the Lexmark 4 printer’s ink cartridges, you need to have A version of the cartridges. The regular version 4 is not refillable. Once you finished refilling, you have to reset the chip of the printer to ensure that the cartridge is filled. The refilling and resetting methods are much easier if you follow the correct process of how to refill Lexmark 4 ink cartridges.

8 Steps To Refill Lexmark 4 Ink Cartridges

  1. Place the cartridge on a paper or towel as it may spill while you refill.
  2. Remove the cartridge’s top label.
  3. Take the syringe and fill it with black or color ink.
  4. Use a thumb drill given to drill a large hole in the upper left vent of the hole.
  5. Insert the syringe very slowly to inject ink into the hole you just drilled.
  6. Replace the ink cartridges and run the cleaning cycle as per the instructions.
  7. Leave the cartridge idle for 8 hours after refilling for best results.
  8. Reset the chip either via the Printer Solution Center or the Power Button.
how to refill lexmark 4 ink cartridges

Detailed Description On Refilling Lexmark 4 Ink Cartridges

You can refill the Lexmark 4 ink cartridges in a few steps. The items you require to refill are paper towels, a syringe with the needle, and the ink used for refilling. Once you complete the process of how to refill Lexmark 4 ink cartridges, you have to reset the memory chip, so that your printer will recognize newly installed cartridges. If you forget to reset the memory component, then your printer will generate a Cartridge Missing Error and will not output the documents.

Remove the cartridges from the printer with utmost care and place them on some paper towels to tolerate spilling of ink. Remove the label from the cartridge. Since there is only one label on the cartridge, you won’t have any problem in locating them.

Take the syringe along with the needle which is given in the kit. Fill the syringe with 15 ml of ink if it’s a color cartridge, or approximately 25 ml of ink if it is a black cartridge. The amount of ink mostly depends on the capacity of the cartridge. In case of a single-color cartridge, inject the ink very slowly into one of the holes which are present below the label that you peeled off earlier. Insert them into any of the holes as they all move to the same sponge. It’s not necessary to replace the label as its absence will not affect the print quality.

In the case of a tri-color cartridge, you will have to find the hole that leads to the tank. Either it is magenta, yellow, or cyan. You can identify them before you peel off the label as the label indicates the color of the compartment. You can also detect the color of the tanks by inserting a toothpick or a needle into each hole before you start the procedure of how to refill Lexmark 4 ink cartridges. The needle will be colored when you take it out. Hence you will be able to find which ink to fill into the hole.

Once completed, you can put the label back, or leave them as such. It will not affect the printing process. Replace the cartridges into the printer and run the cleaning cycles as per the instructions. Reset the memory chip of the printer to recognize that your cartridges are filled.

To reset the device, you need to turn off the printer. Press the Ready & Return keys while turning the printer on. Hold the keys until you see the Performing Self Test option displayed on the printer screen. Now you will enter the Diagnostics Mode. Select the Maintenance Count option. Choose the Reset icon, and the ink level count will be reset. The printer will now stop displaying the Low Ink message. To return to the Diagnostics Mode, press the Return button. Now you can move back to the normal mode of the printer.

You can also reset the printer via the Printer Solution Center. Press the windows & Z keys together. Select the All apps icon and then choose the Lexmark heading. Tap the Printer Solution Center. Select the Maintenance tab and click the Install a new printer cartridge option. Keep clicking Next until you reach the Print Alignment Screen. While you are clicking through various screens, your Lexmark printer will automatically detect the new cartridge. Click the Print button for printing an alignment page. Get in touch with our techies to know more about how to refill Lexmark 4 ink cartridges.

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