how to refill lexmark 37 ink cartridge

How To Refill Lexmark 37 Ink Cartridge

Lexmark printers that use 37 ink cartridges cannot be refilled. There are other types of 37 ink cartridges such as 37A, 37B, and 37C are compatible to be refilled though not advisable. You can find how to refill Lexmark 37 ink cartridge procedure in the simple steps given below which can be followed to avoid low ink level problem with your Lexmark Printer cartridges.

Quick Steps To Refill Lexmark Ink Cartridges

  1. When the ink cartridges are empty, the Lexmark printers blows a small fuse on the copper contacts.
  2. Place the removed cartridges on a paper or towel.
  3. Remove the label from the ink cartridges.
  4. By using a drill, enlarge the air holes on the cartridge.
  5. With the help of a toothpick, try to poke inside the hole and see the color sequence.
  6. Add 7 ml of color ink into the syringe.
  7. Now, slowly inject the syringe into the ink cartridge and don’t overfill.
  8. Clean the top of the cartridges after filling the ink. Repeat the same process for other ink cartridges too.
how to refill lexmark 37 ink cartridge

The Elaborate Steps to r=Refill the Lexmark 37 Ink Cartridges

The Lexmark 37 ink cartridges are non-refillable inks. Once you purchase them, you can’t refill the ink by yourself. You must purchase a new Lexmark 37 ink cartridge. The printers which use 37(18C2140) ink cartridges are mentioned below.

  • Lexmark X3650
  • Lexmark X4650
  • Lexmark X5650
  • Lexmark X5650es
  • Lexmark X6650
  • Lexmark X6675
  • Lexmark Z2400
  • Lexmark Z2420

There are other ink cartridges which can be filled are as follows 36A(18C2150), 36XLA(18C2190), 37A(18C2160), and 37XLA(18C2200) and it used the following guide of how to refill Lexmark 37 ink cartridge.

Step 1: While opening the product, first perform a printer nozzle test to make sure that your printer is in good condition to work.

Step 2: Take the empty ink cartridges from the printer. Place it on a paper or cloth and remove the label from the cartridges.

Step 3: Find the vent holes on the top of the empty cartridges. Now take the new ink cartridges or bottle. Attach the needle to a syringe and inject the ink from the bottle.

Step 4: Use a small drill hole on the empty ink cartridges to fill the ink. Try to inject slowly as the ink might overspill.

Step 5: Clean the top of the filled ink cartridge with a dry cloth. Repeat the same steps for all the other color ink cartridges. Also while filling the other ink cartridges, ensure that you are filling the correct color ink in it.

Step 6: After filling the ink initially, run one to three cleaning cycles as instructed. When you have quality issues in printing like faded print or certain lines being missed during the print, follow the preceding steps.

Step 7: Soak the top of the defective ink cartridge in the printhead solution.

Step 8: Dry the soaked ink cartridges and re-insert them in the respective slots. Try printing now, and you will get a better result of the print by following the above mentioned guide of how to refill Lexmark 37 ink cartridge.

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