how to refill lexmark 14 ink cartridges

How To Refill Lexmark 14 Ink Cartridges

Refilling of the Lexmark 14 ink cartridges must be done when the ink levels are low or empty. However, refilling of ink cartridges is not suggested as it can cause damage to the Lexmark printer. Brief instructions on how to refill Lexmark 14 ink cartridges are given on this web page. The cost of refilling the cartridges is less when compared to buying a new one. Make sure to reset the ink levels after you have refilled the ink cartridges.

Solutions On How To Refill 14 Ink Cartridges In Lexmark Printer

  1. Buy an ink refill kit from a trusted retailer or an authorized store.
  2. Obtain the kit, towels, and scotch tape, and then place the printer on a flat surface.
  3. Take the empty ink cartridge out of your Lexmark printer.
  4. Cover your hands by utilizing a pair of gloves.
  5. Keep the empty cartridge on a towel or tissue. Find the fill holes on your ink cartridge and expand them using a sharp pin.
  6. Take ink out of the bottle by using a syringe and then insert it into the cartridge.
  7. Make sure you don’t overfill the ink as leaks might occur. Reinsert the cartridge into the slot and reset the ink chip.
how to refill lexmark 14 ink cartridges

Steps On How To Refill Ink Into Lexmark 14 Cartridges

Step 1: For how to refill Lexmark 14 ink cartridges, open the access door on your Lexmark printer. Do not proceed until the Lexmark printer’s cartridge does not produce any sound. Now, take the cartridge which has less amount of ink in it out of your device.

Step 2: Keep the cartridge on a towel or tissue so that a spill can be detected. Now, remove the tape on top of the empty ink cartridge. Make a small hole on the line located on your cartridge. Eject ink from the bottle and fill up to fifteen milliliters into the syringe. Slowly inject ink into the hole of your ink cartridge.

Step 3: After you have completed the labeling process, peel the label off, else change the top label. Now go to your Lexmark printer and ensure that it is powered On.

Step 4: Raise the scanner unit or cartridge access door on your printer and wait until the holder moves to the center. Gently press the cartridge latch to open the holder lid. Place the refilled ink cartridge into the appropriate slot and then push until it locks into position.

Step 5: Close the cartridge lid and then lower the scanner unit or access door. If required, place enough quantity of white papers into the input tray of your Lexmark printer.

Step 6: On the Lexmark printer’s touch panel, highlight the Yes button. Press the Select button and your Lexmark printer will print an alignment sheet. Wait until the page ejects out of the printer.

Step 7: Once the cartridges are refilled and are inserted into the printer, the next step is to reset the ink level. Launch the Solution Center software on the Personal Computer that is connected to the Lexmark printer.

Step 8: Choose the Maintenance option and then click on the Install a New Printer Cartridge button. Keep choosing the Next button until the Print the Alignment Page window displays on the screen. Initiate the reset process after selecting Print.

Step 9: Another way of resetting the cartridges, is to remove the refilled cartridge out of the Lexmark printer. Power Off your Lexmark printer and wait for at least twenty seconds.

Step 10: Turn the printer back On and do not proceed until the start up process completes. Repeat the above steps for about four to five times until the memory of the cartridge chip is deleted. The list of the currently refilled cartridges appears on the screen; it indicates that the process of how to refill Lexmark 14 ink cartridges is done.

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