How to refill Epson 220 ink cartridges

How to Refill Epson 220 Ink Cartridges

The ink tank in your Epson printer can be refilled and know how to refill epson 220 ink cartridges, when the ink level reaches the lower line. Purchase ink bottles with the correct part number for the printer. Use of third-party ink may cause technical failure. The ink level in the ink tanks can be checked from the Windows/Mac operating system or printer’s control panel or can be viewed directly on the ink tank.

Quick Guide for Refilling Ink in Epson 220 Printer

  1. Power on your printer and wait until it finishes warming up.
  2. Check the estimated ink level from your computer. Identify the tank that needs to be refilled.
  3. Lift the ink tank cover and open the cap of the ink tank to be refilled.
  4. Open the cap of the refill ink bottle.
  5. Fill the ink tank.
  6. Close the tank cover and then the scanner unit.
  7. Reset the ink level on the printer’s control panel.
  8. Print a test page to check the print quality.
how to refill epson 220 ink cartridges

Detailed Instructions for Refilling Ink into the Epson Ink Tanks

Get a genuine ink bottle for refilling the ink tank of the Epson printer. The part number on the ink bottle should match with that of the installed ink tank. Do not attempt to squeeze the bottle while refilling the tank and know how to refill epson 220 ink cartridges.

Power up your Epson printer and wait until it is silent. Check the ink level on the printer. To view the ink level from your Windows operating system, double-click the printer’s icon on the desktop to open the Epson Status monitor window.

The ink level will be displayed on the window. If your computer runs on the Mac OS, click the Apple menu and open the System Preferences window. Now select Print and Fax and then locate the printer’s name. Select Utility and open the Printer Utility window. Click Epson Status Monitor to view the ink level in each ink tank.

Lift-open the scanner unit and then open the ink tank cover. Now open ink tank that you want to refill. The color of the ink tank can be identified by the color-coded label on the ink tank. Hold the ink bottle in an upright position and open the bottle cap by turning it in the clockwise direction. Do not squeeze the bottle or touch its top after removing the cap.

Take the bottle towards the filling port on the ink tank and tilt the bottle slowly into the port. The ink bottle should be upside down on the port. Wait until the tank is full to the marked level.

Take the ink bottle out and press the cap down. Repeat the above steps to refill other ink tanks. Close the ink tank cover and then shut the scanner unit.

Select the Maintenance option on the control panel and scroll through to select Reset Ink Levels. Reset the ink level for the refilled tanks. Print a test page for successful work on how to refill epson 220 ink cartridges.

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