how to reconnect an offline printer

How to Reconnect an Offline Printer

When the printer goes offline, it prevents you from completing the print job. So reconnect an offline printer with the Wi-Fi network.

Reconnecting an Offline Printer

  1. Locate the Power button on the printer and press it.
  2. Select the Start button and choose Control Panel.
  3. Click Hardware and Sound. Select Devices and Printers.
  4. Make sure that the printer name is present on the list of printers.
  5. Double-click on the printer name that is offline.
  6. Select Printer and click Connect.
  7. Switch off both the printer and computer and power it on again if the printer is not online.
  8. Reinstall the printer driver by removing the printer from the list of printers if the printer again goes offline.
how to reconnect an offline printer

Detailed Steps in Reconnecting an Offline Printer

Check that all the cable connections between the computer and printer are set properly.

Ensure that the network connection is securely connected.

Click Start -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Devices and Printers.

A new window opens and displays all the printer names on your computer.

Find the printer that should come online and double-click on it. ->Select Printer in the menu bar on a new window and choose Connect.

If the printer is not online, power off both the printer and computer.

Switch on the printer and the computer.

This will allow the Window’s Operating System to detect the printer.

If your printer is still not online, remove the printer name from the list of printers and install the printer driver again.

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