how to reconnect a wireless printer

How to Reconnect a Wireless Printer

Wireless printers can generally be connected using both Wired and Wireless connections. The connection type can be changed according to the features available on the device to be connected. The following procedure can be utilized on How to reconnect a wireless printer to a Wireless connection.

Steps to Reconnect a Wireless Printer

  1. Power up your wireless router and connect it to the network.
  2. Turn on your wireless connection enabled personal computer, and connect it to the wireless router.
  3. Ensure that the necessary driver and software is installed on your computer for connecting through a wireless connection.
  4. Connect the printer to the wireless router using the Wireless Setup Wizard on the control panel.
  5. Check whether you are connecting to the same wireless router, to which the computer is connected to.
  6. Open the printer software on your computer and choose the Convert USB Connected Printer to Wireless option.
  7. Click on it and follow the visual instructions to move forward with the re-connection.
  8. Disconnect the USB cable when prompted by the installer.
how to reconnect a wireless printer

Detailed Procedure to Reconnect the Wireless Printer

Ensure that your device supports a wireless connection on resolving How to reconnect a wireless printer. Connect a wireless router to an active Internet connection. Ensure that the connection is stable and fast. Power up the personal device and connect to a network through the wireless router. Enter the password (if applicable) when necessary for establishing the connection.

Check whether the personal device is installed with the driver and software required to start a wireless connection. Wireless drivers are available in the software CD that is bundled along with the printer. If you don’t have an installation or your CD is outdated, download the updated files from the Internet.

Utilize the control panel on your printer to launch the Wireless Network Setup Wizard. Tap on the Settings icon and select the Wireless Setup Wizard. Once this is done, look for your router’s name and tap on it to connect the printer. Ensure that the connection is established securely.

Now launch the printer software on your computer and open the Connection settings. Look out for the ‘Convert USB Connection to Wireless’ option, and click on it. Wait for the installer to start up and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

Disconnect the USB cable from the computer when the installer prompts to do so. Ensure that the cable is removed completely to get a proper connection conversion. This step will convert the USB connection and reconnect the printer to the wireless connection.

The wireless connection can also be made through other means, based on your device and printer. A computer or laptop can be connected using the Wireless Direct feature when it is available in your printer. This connection does not require a working Internet connection to print wirelessly.

Other wireless connections on How to reconnect a wireless printer include the AirPrint feature for printing from an iOS device, the mobile applications, and print plugins are available for different platforms, according to the features of your printer and the personal device.

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