how to put ink in lexmark printer x5650

How To Put Ink In Lexmark Printer X5650

When you are using the Lexmark X5650 printer for the first time, you must install the setup ink cartridges. It is recommended to use the ink cartridges that are compatible with your Lexmark X5650 printer. You can print your documents or images using the Lexmark printer only if there is sufficient ink inside the cartridge. Check the ink levels of your cartridge on a regular basis. If the ink level is low, replace the empty cartridges by following the guide of how to put ink in Lexmark printer x5650.

Ink Cartridge Installation For Lexmark X5650 Printer

  1. Plug the printer’s power cord into the electric outlet and turn it on.
  2. Open the cartridge access door available at the right corner of your Lexmark X5650 printer.
  3. Discard the packing materials from the cartridge slots.
  4. Uncover the new ink cartridge from its shipment package.
  5. Load the ink cartridge into the respective slot.
  6. Ascertain that the color on the cartridge label matches the label on the printer’s slot.
  7. Gently push the ink cartridge inwards until it gets seated firmly.
  8. Perform the above steps to install all the other ink cartridges and then close the access door.
how to put ink in lexmark printer x5650

How To Install Ink Cartridges On The Lexmark X5650 Printer

Step 1: Before you install the ink cartridges into the Lexmark X5650 printer, check if they are compatible. To get high-quality prints, it is recommended to use genuine ink cartridges. After you install the ink cartridges by following the procedure of how to put ink in Lexmark printer x5650, you should check the ink levels on a regular basis.

Step 2: If you find an empty ink cartridge, replace it as soon as possible to get uninterrupted print jobs. Now, plug the power cord into the electric socket and press the Power button to turn on the printer.

Step 3: Open the access door and remove the packing materials from the slots. You will notice different colors labeled on the ink cartridge slots. Now, uncover the new ink cartridges from its package.

Step 4: Take the ink cartridge that is labeled with the yellow color and install it into the slot which is labeled with the same color. Give it a gentle push to seat it firmly into the slot. Now take the cartridge with a blue label and install it into the respective slot.

Step 5: Repeat the above steps for how to put ink in Lexmark printer x5650 and close the cartridge access door. After a successful installation, the Lexmark X5650 printer prints an alignment page.

Step 6: Now, connect your computer and printer via a wireless or wired connection. Open an image or document that you wish to print and try printing a sample page from your printer.

Step 7: Collect the printed documents from the printer’s output tray and examine the print quality. It is recommended to check the ink levels frequently and if the level is low, you must replace the cartridge.

Step 8: To check the ink levels from the printer’s control panel, press the Settings button and tap OK. Press OK again and continue pressing the Arrow buttons until Color Ink appears.

Step 9: Press Check Ink Level and the level of the color ink cartridge will be displayed on the printer’s control panel. If you want to check the ink level for the black ink cartridge, tap Check Ink Level for Black Cartridge and it will be displayed on the operation panel.

Step 10: To check ink levels on the Windows computer, click the Start menu and select All Programs. Click the printer’s software folder and select Lexmark Service Center. Choose the Check Ink Levels option on the Printer Maintenance page to display the ink levels on the screen. In the Mac computers, launch the printer utility to check the ink levels on your Lexmark X5650 printer. Still you need more information regarding how to put ink in Lexmark printer x5650, just make the connection with our tech experts.

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