how to put my Epson printer online

How To Put My Epson Printer Online

For resolving the issue of how to put my Epson printer online, the printer offline issue is one of the most commonly encountered problems by Epson printers. This error indicates that you cannot communicate with the printer properly. Verify whether the printer setup process is done properly and the printer is connected to a nearby power outlet.

Steps To Overcome The Epson Printer Online

  1. Check whether the latest printer driver is installed on your computer.
  2. Set the printer to online manually and troubleshoot networking issues via the control panel options.
  3. Run the automatic troubleshooter and start printing.
  4. View the additional printer jobs and cancel them.
  5. If the driver is already installed, uninstall and reinstall the software.
  6. Remove the printer drivers and packages and start printing.
  7. Also, check whether the router you are linked provides an active internet connection.
  8. Reboot the printer and check whether the printer setup is complete.
how to put my epson printer online

Detailed Procedure To Resolve The Offline Error In Epson Printers

Verify whether the cables connected to the printer are undamaged and that there are no loose connections as well. The main cause of this issue can be a malfunction of the wireless feature or a loose connection. Therefore, you need to make sure the cables are connected properly and verify the connection to resolve the query of how to put my Epson printer online.

Set the printer to the Online status manually. Select the Start icon on your Windows computer, select the Control Panel, and click Devices and Printers. Now look for your printer, right-click on it, and select See What’s Printing. A window will pop up, now choose Printer in the bar on top and select Use Printer online.

Cancelling all the pending print jobs from the same menu is a simple way to overcome this issue. Choose all the print jobs that are listed and select Cancel. This removes all the existing print jobs from the print queue. Now perform the procedure stated above and restart your printer and computer once more. Reinstall the Epson Printer by going with the steps, select Start -> Settings -> Devices -> Printers and Scanners to fix the problem of how to put my Epson printer online.

Now download the latest printer driver for your computer. Install Canon Driver Easy on your computer and select the Scan Now button. This detects the latest printer driver and installs it on your computer. Also, try to remove all the printer drivers and packages and check the error. You need to log-in as an administrator and open Command Prompt. Now type printui /s /t2. This opens the Printer Properties Window. Now remove the driver installed on your computer and reinstall the printer using the Add a Printer option.

Check your router for active internet access. If the router’s connection is improper, adjust the bandwidth accordingly. You can call your internet service provider for further access and try to print effectively. Select your printer from Devices and Printers and click Printer at the top left corner. Now select Use Printer Offline and check whether the device is able to connect wirelessly and overcome the issue of how to put my Epson printer online.

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